TxTMint – Enterprise Messaging Platform

TxTMint is a new platform for securely sending messages across enterprise, which in turn increase workflow and productivity among employees. TxTMint user account is created based mobile number of user and it is unique. Currently, TxTMint is available in iPhone and Android platforms.

TxTMint delivers below promises in its product

  • 1. Secure data transfer
  • 2. Improve organization efficiency
  • 3. HIPAA compliance

Product Features:

  • 1. Messaging:

    • Secure messaging solution for your employee, which not only simplify communications but also protects your data.
  • 2. Group Messaging:

    • You can easily create your own group and send them all message at once. Managing group and users is controlled by admin of that group. Every user has ability to leave group.
  • 3. Secure photo sharing

    • You can securely share file and photos stored from gallery or live captured one, to your friends through TxTMint. User can also share their photo in group chats and messages.
  • 4. Notifications:

    • Users would be sent push notifications on receiving new messages. Delivery notification of messages is shown to sender in message history.
  • 5. Skins:

    • Users can change Skins of applications from settings tab with available number of default skins.
  • 6. Manage Conversations:

    • Easier interface is provided to user for managing conversations of his friends and group messages. Deleting message history can also be done easily.


TxTMint follows below security and encryption features

  • 1. Single Key encryption of messages
  • 2. SSL layer messaging channel
  • 3. Highly secured password protected messaging service.
  • 4. HIPAA complaint




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