Our Development Process


Continuous iterative development is our mantra. We have been following that mantra even before the technology gurus coined a term for it – Agile. Yes, we are agile and here’s a quick peek at how we will engage with you.

1. Demo

We set up a meeting with you at your convenience to walk you through an enterprise app that we developed. This is to give you a feel for what we can deliver in terms of engineering and design.

2. Requirement Gathering

As a next step, we will have one of our Project Managers have a discussion with you in person/phone to understand your business and your app requirements.

3. Setting milestones

Once the requirements and expectations are clearly set, we will present you with a Statement Of Work (SOW). It is a product roadmap outlining milestones and costs. Once we sign the SOW, our team members will engage with your company to create a detailed project document.

4. Wireframes

The project document is used as a reference to create a skeletal framework for your app. This is critical for the reason that it forms the foundation of our development work. We work closely with you to iterate on the wireframes till we agree on the product blueprint

5. Designing User Interface

Beautiful interfaces drive better usage of your app. Our experienced designers give their seasoned touch to make your app visually appealing and functionally usable.

6. Designing app architecture

Our Engineering team has proven experience in architecting complex applications. In this phase, they use tested approaches to design APIs, memory management and caching to ensure performance. This is done in parallel with the app design

7. Development

This is the most exciting phase where you start seeing the blueprint grow into an actual product. The continuous iterative development method helps you see periodic progress against the set milestones. This method enables you helps you make changes to your app requirements in the light of an evolving product.

8. Testing

Your app is tested extensively and rigorously for both performance and functionality. The app is released for actual use only it satisfactorily passes the testing phase.