Mobile Technologies

  • Google announces a spec bump on Google Glass

    Google Glass has been a great hit right from day one of its release. Although a number of wearable devices existed even before the release of Google Glass, they weren’t as popular as the Google’s product. Google Glass can be crowned as the first wearable device that could work independent of mobile phones. The innovative attempt by Google was an […]
  • Six important considerations for enterprise mobile software providers in 2014

    Undoubtedly Enterprise Mobility Solutions  are growing by the day. Efficiently utilizing the mobile app depends on the design of the mobile application. Enterprise mobile architects can play a significant role in escalating the value of enterprise mobile applications. The following infographics represents the areas that should be focused by enterprise mobile architects in order to improve the efficiency and user […]
  • Contemporary enterprise mobile trends to follow

    Ever since the debut of smart mobile devices, the way we do business has considerably changed. Today, mobile apps are not used for entertainment or organizing day to day tasks, but they are now being seriously involved in manufacturing, CRM, and marketing purposes. The very purpose of developing enterprise mobile apps for a business is to enhance productivity and cut […]
  • How to apply social and emotional design in enterprise mobile app development?

    It is an undeniable fact that mobile technologies are gaining momentum among both businesses and consumers. According to researches, apps play a major role than the mobile devices in the business mobility. Experts, in business mobility, consider Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as one of the most important shifts that empower the common man in a pragmatic manner. It is […]
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Logistics

    Today, people of all classes have started using smart mobile phones, thanks to the lean production technology. In fact, smart mobile phones have become essential for day to day life. Most of the smart mobile phone users simply can’t do without it. It has been customary for businesses to make use of contemporary trends to their benefits. Mobile technology is […]
  • Improve workflow with electronic work order, invoice, and dispatch forms

    Paper forms are being widely used in business for various purposes ranging from work order to invoice and dispatch forms. Today, with the advent of computers and smart mobile devices, businesses need not use paper forms anymore. The entire world is awakening to the calls of environmentalists. Saving paper means saving trees for a greener world. If you are still […]
  • Why use mobile apps in sales force automation

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that provides vital information on the expectations of consumers and their behavioral patterns is an integral part of modern day marketing. Making these data available to the sales force as and when they required would help them achieve better targets. Irrespective of the performance of the marketing team, businesses always demand more. The higher the […]
  • Benefits and Risks of Enterprise Mobile Apps

    Enterprise Mobile Applications are highly benevolent to businesses. However, they are not without risks. Of course, the benefits of enterprise mobile apps outnumber the risks, but it is wise to be proactive in averting threats. Only well informed mobile app developer can provide you with a secure mobile application. The following illustration demonstrates the benefits and risks of enterprise mobile […]