Enterprise Mobility Strategy

  • Every simple mobile app idea could open a plethora of new opportunities

    At Innomobileapps, our enterprise mobile app strategists are brimming with ideas. However, it is not possible to reveal any of them to our visitors. In fact, our app developers have reached a new watermark in enterprise mobile security and BYOD solutions. On the other hand, we would be glad to cite one of the recent app ideas that had gone […]
  • Integrating CRM with enterprise level mobile apps can be beneficial to businesses

    Mobile phones are considered as one of the most direct avenues of marketing products and services by contemporary marketers. In fact, smart mobile devices have a great impact on the way businesses keep their customer informed. When it comes to addressing the issues or providing customers with what they expect, CRM plays a major role in determining the expectations of […]
  • Demystifying enterprise mobility strategy

    Having a solid enterprise mobility strategy is the key to utilize the full potential of mobile solutions. Although many companies have realized the need of mobility solutions, they are unable to tap all the benefits of mobility solutions due to their ad-hoc approach. While businesses look forward to solve individual problems, mobile app developers on the other hand like to […]
  • Steps to Consider in Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    Enterprises simply cannot ignore BYOD anymore. CIO’s of many companies have started formulating proper enterprise mobility strategy suitable for their organization. Following 6 steps needs to be considered while formulating Enterprise mobility strategy for an organization, Agnostic to platform: Never make your enterprise mobility strategy to be locked for few platforms alone. Today smart phone market is driven largely by […]