Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Logistics

    Today, people of all classes have started using smart mobile phones, thanks to the lean production technology. In fact, smart mobile phones have become essential for day to day life. Most of the smart mobile phone users simply can’t do without it. It has been customary for businesses to make use of contemporary trends to their benefits. Mobile technology is […]
  • Why use mobile apps in sales force automation

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that provides vital information on the expectations of consumers and their behavioral patterns is an integral part of modern day marketing. Making these data available to the sales force as and when they required would help them achieve better targets. Irrespective of the performance of the marketing team, businesses always demand more. The higher the […]
  • Determining business value of mobility solutions

    Mobility, undoubtedly, is essential for all businesses today. However, not all mobile enterprise solutions are successful in accomplishing their goals. Planning is the key to successful enterprise mobile strategy. Before you indulge in creating the enterprise mobile strategy, it is important to determine your goals based on the clear value proposition for your clients and your organization. Simply by creating […]