Enterprise App Development

  • iOS 8 Adoption Rate Hit 46%

    Apple quietly announced the iOS 8 adoption rate on its App Store Distribution page as measured on September 21, 2014. The iOS 8 consumer adoption rate stands at 46% against a 49% of iOS 7 and 5% on older versions. This platform penetration rate is being considered to be a promising one for the fact that it has been out […]
  • The Business of Mobile App Development

    Mobile app development is clearly gaining a strong footage and is a lucrative business proposition. No wonder the competition is huge and fewer taste success. In the below infographic, we have discussed the attributes that make it a lucrative business option.
  • Processes in enterprise mobile application development company

    Consultation: The first and foremost thing the enterprise mobile application development company does as soon as you approach is analyze your business. Good app developers are good listeners too. They utilize the opportunity to learn about your business and discover areas that can be effectively addressed by the mobile app. As a customer you can get much information about the […]
  • Every simple mobile app idea could open a plethora of new opportunities

    At Innomobileapps, our enterprise mobile app strategists are brimming with ideas. However, it is not possible to reveal any of them to our visitors. In fact, our app developers have reached a new watermark in enterprise mobile security and BYOD solutions. On the other hand, we would be glad to cite one of the recent app ideas that had gone […]
  • Contemporary enterprise mobile trends to follow

    Ever since the debut of smart mobile devices, the way we do business has considerably changed. Today, mobile apps are not used for entertainment or organizing day to day tasks, but they are now being seriously involved in manufacturing, CRM, and marketing purposes. The very purpose of developing enterprise mobile apps for a business is to enhance productivity and cut […]
  • How to apply social and emotional design in enterprise mobile app development?

    It is an undeniable fact that mobile technologies are gaining momentum among both businesses and consumers. According to researches, apps play a major role than the mobile devices in the business mobility. Experts, in business mobility, consider Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as one of the most important shifts that empower the common man in a pragmatic manner. It is […]
  • Benefits and Risks of Enterprise Mobile Apps

    Enterprise Mobile Applications are highly benevolent to businesses. However, they are not without risks. Of course, the benefits of enterprise mobile apps outnumber the risks, but it is wise to be proactive in averting threats. Only well informed mobile app developer can provide you with a secure mobile application. The following illustration demonstrates the benefits and risks of enterprise mobile […]
  • Rudiments of mobile app testing

    Testing of enterprise mobile apps is a crucial step in app development. It is important to test the features and functionalities of applications before letting it into the production environment. Experts often admit that using the app in the intended mobile device and testing it in real-time is the best way to find developmental flaws or bugs. It is true […]