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  • Mobile Trend Wrap-Ups – Find What You Missed Out On

    The next round up of mobile trends is out. It is an interesting week with the top players fighting to lead the IoT arena and other new desirable features. You Tube To Let Users Buy Directly Through Ads As if the 1 billion active YouTube users aren’t enough to generate enough revenue, Google announced a new feature called “True View” […]
  • How The Financial Industry Has Adopted Mobile Apps

    Hey folks! The fourth installment of our mobile app adoption across industries is here.For those new to this series, we started with The State Of Mobile App Adoption Across Industries, giving an holistic view of all the industries, followed by focus on retail with The Impact Of Mobile Apps On Retail and then shifting the focus to the healthcare industry […]
  • How The Healthcare Sector Is Embracing Mobile App Technology In 2015

    Here we are with our third installment of our Mobile App penetration across industries. As a reminder, the first in the series was the State Of Mobile App Adoption Across Industries that elaborated the overall impact of the mobile application, followed by The Impact of Mobile Apps On Retail that focused on the Retail Industry.     The next industry […]
  • The Impact Of Mobile Apps On Retail

    As promised, we are back to discuss the impact of mobile apps across industries. For the uninitiated, take a look at our earlier post, State Of Mobile App Adoption Across Industries. This post is a great summary of mobile app penetration with the advent of smartphones and the impact it has created across industries. Based on the research findings by […]
  • The State Of Mobile App Adoption Across Industries

    If you are a business that’s still speculating developing a mobile app for your brand and still not convinced if consumers will accept it, then this article is for you. We know you may not have the time to read all the endless lines and analysis (which we are definitely good at) that go on for days. Words are great, […]
  • Get Ready For The Mobilegeddon (Coming April 21st)

    Google, on recognizing the fact that 60% of Google searches are done via mobile, is set to adopt to this shift by developing an algorithm that will help rank mobile friendly sites in the mobile search results. Hence, Google’s introducing algorithms to find mobile-friendly web pages and the App Indexing that’ll sort out content best appropriate for your device. On […]
  • Apple does it again – gains over Android

    The holiday season has been a lucky one for the folks at Apple. The good news started with Apple selling a record number of iPhone 6 that way outnumbered its earlier models. On top of that, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported that the Q4 2014 U.S sales numbers of iPhones accounted for 47.7% against a 47.6% of Android. Though this may […]
  • Apple’s snapped HealthKit from iOS 8.0.1 expected in iOS 8.0.2

    As many digital health providers waited with abated breath to integrate their products with the HealthKit, Apple’s decision to snap the HealthKit came as a setback for some who had already worked their product accordingly. There are players like FitStar who are waiting to re-submit their version of FitStar Personal Trainer that integrates with the HealthKit and was originally planned […]