MEAP – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

To Meap or not to Meap - We help you choose

Enterprise Mobility Platform

Enterprise Mobility platforms offer a quick start to implementing mobile solutions. When it comes to developing mobile applications for enterprises, we either take the organic route of building the app from ground-up or use one of the available MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) packages. Major software vendors such as IBM, HP, AT&T have their MEAP software packages.

An enterprise mobility platform enables quick configuration of three or more databases and three or more platforms (operating systems). To summarize, it removes the low-level complexities of managing different mobile operating systems and databases. Most popular MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) vendors are:

  • IBM Worklight
  • HP Enterprise Mobility Platform
  • AT&T

Should I choose an enterprise mobile platform?

At Innomobileapps, we take a holistic approach to decide whether or not to use MEAP in the app development. The choice of going the MEAP way depends a lot on the complexity of your business needs. It is always a choice between performance and the ease of development. With the right choice, a safe balance is achieved. When we decide to use MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform), we analyze all the enterprise mobile platforms with an unbiased eye and make the best recommendation for our clients.

How to choose your technology partner for enterprise mobile application development?

If you are looking for an Enterprise Mobile Application Development Company where everybody is ready to walk that extra mile, you are at the right place. Innomobileapps stands out from rest of the app development companies because we analyze the use case of how the apps will be used by your employees. Yes, we have use case experts who analyze each screen and button to make sure they are user-friendly. We have consultants and developers who are experts in writing complex server-side code for integrating your B2B mobile application with existing databases & legacy systems. The B2B application developers in our company utilize push notifications effectively to refresh data in your company’s mobile app. This is important for apps that are used on field or on road by your employees.

Are you considering going the MEAP way?

May be you already know what you want. May be you are still deciding whether to use an enterprise mobility platform or not. Get in touch with us today for a free consulting. Our app development experts will guide through your decision making process.

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