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Mobility in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is quickly recognizing the benefits of mobility in healthcare i.e., mobile based applications and data. Healthcare mobility solutions make patients’ data available on the go, thus decreasing the medication errors by 75%. InnoMobileapps offers a wide range of mobile healthcare solutions from workflow management to patient health record management. Our healthcare app developers with their wide experience offer development solutions that help our clients gain maximum returns on their IT investment.

Our key offerings in the Healthcare domain include (but not limited to) the following:

1. Mobile EHR:
Electronic health records of patients along with their medications are available in mobile for doctors. Doctors can also manage patient appointments; and research for medications through this application.

2. Messaging Service:
A separate mobile message service developed for communication between doctors in same organization. Through this service, doctors can communicate effectively through texting and sharing ( x-ray or files ) with one another for quick consulting.

3. Research and Development services:
Our R&D services help in integrating medical devices with end communication systems. Also, In this, we even integrate EHR records with these devices.

Our Works In This Industry

Our Case Studies In This Industry


PULSE OX TOOL is a mobile app that helps health care professionals to implement pulse oximetry screening of neonates and effectively detect congenital heart defects.


NaviTouch EHR mobile app acts as a mobile interface to the EMR system that is already in place. Doctors can have instant access to all of the patients’ information on move…


GreatBack is an app that instructs users on how to exercise properly and strengthen their backs. It is a great way to get rid of flabby and lackluster shape of your body.


Are you eager to know how long will you live? iLE app is the first of its kind that can predict
the life expectancy of human beings using basic lifestyle information.


Are you a woman longing to attain motherhood? Check out the Fertility app. The Fertility app covers everything from ovulation calculation to a positive pregnancy test.


Navitouch EHR enables physicians to share text messages and x-rays. Viewing medical history is easy with the app.