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Enterprise mobile apps for field services

Field services mobile apps have completely changed the traditional way of gathering data and sending reports. Today, various sectors, such as banks, insurance companies, courier services, construction companies, and oil and gas industries have enhanced their field operations using mobile apps. Field services mobile apps quicken the various business processes in these sectors. Data collection and reporting have been made instantaneous. Filed services mobile apps not only hasten the business processes, but also greatly reduce the carbon footprint. Enterprise mobile apps at InnoStore house rich features that can be easily customized for specific functions as per the requirements of businesses.

Some of the popular field services mobile apps available at InnoStore are as follows:

  • Asset management
  • Data collection
  • Reporting forms
  • Resource management
  • Scheduler
  • Time & attendance

Innomobileapps is capable of providing top notch mobile workforce management solutions for any type of industry. Our dedicated android and iOS app development teams comprise passionate developers that love challenges. Apart from the enterprise mobile apps available at the InnoStore, our developers can build field services mobile apps of any complexity from the scratch. Enjoy our world class mobile app development services, empower your staff with smart mobile solutions, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Field services management apps can add value to your business

Field service management

Today’s business goals include cutting costs, increasing productivity, and staying ahead of competitors. Field services management apps not only boost the moral of the employees, but also play a significant role in customer satisfaction. While the business administration can have a complete control over its work force, the employees can quickly access business information or send instant reports.

Customer satisfaction

Businesses have become more consumer centric, and a new era has begun in the customer – business relationship. Customers can no longer be ignored after the close of the sale. The expectations of customers have reached a new height, and only if the business is capable of fulfilling their expectations, can they expect loyalty. The field services management app can help serve the customers instantly and gain their loyalty.

Service delivery optimization

In large organizations, assigning work orders to the field staff everyday is a challenging task. Unless the skilled workforce is properly managed with timely instructions, the business could lose production. Field services management apps help the managers avoid mismanagement of the workforce and make quick decisions on assigning work to the right person at the right time.

Real-time communication

Only if the business managers are able to locate their field staff, can they assign the work orders. Empowering the managers with real-time communication facilities will enable them to direct and guide their work force efficiently. Field services management apps also help the employees to contact their superiors for information and guidance. Yet another advantage of using real-time communication features of a field services management app is the security it provides.

Cut costs

The traditional methods of managing the filed workforce are not only time consuming and cumbersome, but also very expensive. Mobile apps for field services help business managers to quickly check inventory and place purchase orders on time. The expenses involved in stationery, data entry operations, and travel are considerably reduced with the use of field services management app.

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