Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Innovative mobile strategy consulting to grow your business

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Making the choice to go for mobile enterprise solutions for your business is the easier part. Devising mobile enterprise strategies in line with your business requirements is harder. With device and platform fragmentation, security threats, and distribution headaches, you need mobile strategy consulting from an experienced team to come up with tight strategies that can be executed within your time and resource constraints.

At Innomobileapps, our enterprise app consulting expertise has evolved over the years by providing solutions to various business domains to operate efficiently. We derive Enterprise Mobile strategy based on our rich experience.

Typical questions that we help you with answers are:

  • What platform should I target first? iOS or Android?
  • Should my enterprise mobile solution be native or hybrid?
  • Should I build the app from scratch or use one of the existing MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) packages
  • Should I buy devices for employees or let them bring their own?
  • How can I secure corporate data with mobility?
  • What is the best way to distribute the corporate app?
  • How can get my employees use the mobile app strategy efficiently?

Implementing an Enterprise Mobile strategy

The idea behind an enterprise mobility strategy phase is to understand your business needs and app requirements completely, for us, to be able to make the right choices and recommendations when it comes to mobile app strategy – choice of platform and technology. Making the right choice is extremely important in deciding the success of your Enterprise Mobility initiative. We help clients even choose the right device based on their requirements. For example, one of our customers was looking at various mobile enterprise strategies for his field workers whose job involved using a camera to discern the details of the automobile they were working with. Apart from designing an app, we also helped them to choose the right device for best results.

Apart from decisions that are based on features, a good strategy will take into account all the possible security threats and have measures in place to combat those. We help our clients in that direction too.

Measuring Success

We measure the success of our strategy and implementation based on how the app has impacted your everyday business process. With our eight step development process, we make sure that you are on top of the details thus helping you to contribute better to the evolution of the product.

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