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  • Healthcare Mobility Trends

    With a majority of CIO’s voting Mobility to be on the top of their agenda, one-third of applications developed target mobility. With BYOD gaining steady traction, mobility continues to grow strong. With mobility being a ready at hand solution to control costs, it has taken the healthcare by a storm. Here, we have listed top trends to look and get […]
  • Manufacturing mobility solutions are the latest buzz

    Mobile apps are being recognized as benevolent tools in all industries. Enterprise level mobile apps are being used at all levels in the industries. Some of the pioneers in making good use of mobile applications include the automotive industry, healthcare industry, banking, retail businesses and insurance among others. Until the recent past, apps were rarely used in the manufacturing and […]
  • Google announces a spec bump on Google Glass

    Google Glass has been a great hit right from day one of its release. Although a number of wearable devices existed even before the release of Google Glass, they weren’t as popular as the Google’s product. Google Glass can be crowned as the first wearable device that could work independent of mobile phones. The innovative attempt by Google was an […]
  • Why many enterprise mobile strategies fail to succeed?

    Mobility has become the trend of the day and many enterprises are looking to develop mobile applications to keep in pace with their competitors. Although enterprise mobility solutions are being adopted by many enterprises, not all of the enterprise mobility solutions are successful. Our expert mobile app consultants conducted a research on the area and have come up with the […]
  • Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 live on your mobile phones and tablets

    Life is short and there are a few things that ought to be enjoyed amidst the busy lifestyle. FIFA World Cup has begun and the excitement among the fans is at the peak. Office goers and students are often able to watch only a select few matches due to the work and study. Although it is not possible to view […]
  • Six important considerations for enterprise mobile software providers in 2014

    Undoubtedly Enterprise Mobility Solutions  are growing by the day. Efficiently utilizing the mobile app depends on the design of the mobile application. Enterprise mobile architects can play a significant role in escalating the value of enterprise mobile applications. The following infographics represents the areas that should be focused by enterprise mobile architects in order to improve the efficiency and user […]
  • Contemporary enterprise mobile trends to follow

    Ever since the debut of smart mobile devices, the way we do business has considerably changed. Today, mobile apps are not used for entertainment or organizing day to day tasks, but they are now being seriously involved in manufacturing, CRM, and marketing purposes. The very purpose of developing enterprise mobile apps for a business is to enhance productivity and cut […]
  • Mobile apps for a paperless office and a greener world

    The traditional ways of documentation and filing records have lost sheen, with the debut of mobile apps. All the countries of the world are unanimous when it comes to creating a greener world. Environment conscious businesses are highly appreciated by the consumers. Eliminating the paper forms means saving trees and reducing the carbon footprint. If you are still using paper […]