Enterprise Mobility Service

  • Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015

    Earlier, it was the mobile devices that revolutionalized the business world. Now it’s the turn of the adopters to accelerate mobility into business. The tech savvy adopters have set high standards in enterprise mobile adoption and practices with Forrester reporting 52% of all information workers using three or more devices for work purposes. With that said, we think that 2015 […]
  • e-commerce to m-commerce

    Mobile commerce is here to stay. Want evidence? Statistics showed by 2013, m-commerce drove sales by $200 million [please give citation for this]. The numbers will continue to increase as more businesses realizethe need to offer an app of their own to win over other 3rd party providers and sustain their lead in the competitive landscape. While businesses quickly adapted […]
  • Apple’s snapped HealthKit from iOS 8.0.1 expected in iOS 8.0.2

    As many digital health providers waited with abated breath to integrate their products with the HealthKit, Apple’s decision to snap the HealthKit came as a setback for some who had already worked their product accordingly. There are players like FitStar who are waiting to re-submit their version of FitStar Personal Trainer that integrates with the HealthKit and was originally planned […]
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits for Smart Healthcare

    The very idea of RPM was sowed for the sole purpose to promote health at lower costs and extend a continued care even after patients left the hospitals. The key benefactors are the chronically-ill patients for whom RPM would serve as an early warning system to enable early intervention – hence reducing emergency visits. This not only saves the invaluable […]
  • Apple iOS 8 – Loaded with Enterprise Enhancements – Part 2

    Here’s the concluding part of the 2-part series elaborating the Enterprise features of Apple iOS8. Calendar App Now users can schedule/plan meetings in accordance to their coworker’s availability, as now they can access coworker status. Meetings can be marked Private and functions available for setting repeat meetings (mentioning the time intervals) from iOS devices. Also enables sending of messages to […]
  • Steps to Create a Successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy

    The obvious objectives towards Enterprise Mobility are clear Enable smarter & faster decision making Drive revenues Improving Customer interaction resulting in improved Brand awareness Saving costs Overall improved organizational efficiency To achieve this requires a strong and meticulously planned mobile strategy that includes all the components… Existing Infrastructures & Technologies Budget considerations Security & Compliance (inclusive of BYOD policies) Identifying […]
  • Apple iOS 8 – Loaded with Enterprise Enhancements- Part 1

    Here’s the first part of a two-part series listing the key enterprise specific features of iOS 8 that targets a more corporate friendly approach. We start with briefing the security features as it has been a continuous challenge to any business. Message-specific encryption: The iOS 8 allows the user to encrypt their individual email messages with added protection using S/MIME […]
  • A Strategic Approach to Enterprise Mobility

    The Enterprise Mobility comes with its share of numerous challenges and issues that range from infrastructure complexities to costs to applications for disparate devices to implementation troubles. Many of these issues and challenges can be avoided by a strategic approach. We have listed a few of our recommendations essential to greatly reduce errors and make the transition smooth. Appoint a […]