Data Governance and Security

Manage, track and secure data remotely with our enterprise mobility security solution

Enterprise Mobility Management

The primary concern in the development and deployment of an enterprise mobile application is the security threat associated with it. We help you roll out your app successfully with Device management and Application management solutions. Apart from that, we also review your data security policies to help in data governance.

A successful implementation of an enterprise app requires expertise in a wide range of skills – right from development to managing security and deploying safely. What differentiates us is the cutting edge consulting service that we offer for all the phases of app development. Enterprise mobility security is a critical component of enterprise mobility management and development. We take care of the entire security loop with our device management and application management solutions.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

An on cloud or an on premise Mobile Device management software is the first layer of security. It allows the IT department to keep track of devices, user access and corporate data inspite of the mobility. If there is any rogue behavior, the IT department can revoke access for that user and wipe data remotely. We help you arrive at the right security solution for your company in the context of your device policy – whether they are company issued or employee owned.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

MAM (Mobile Application Management) software allows in controlling what applications are installed and run on employee devices. This applies to both commercial applications and those developed internally for better mobility.

Data Governance

Our enterprise mobility management architects complete the security loop by taking proactive measures using data security protocols – two step authentication and data encryption – for applications.

Apart from this, we review the data governance policies specific to your company and your industry to formulate a security procedure for the custom mobility app. We have worked with clients in the Healthcare domain where our security measures had to be in compliance with the HIPAA regulations. We understand that each business and each industry has specific needs and we formulate our policies and protocols taking them into consideration.

Your corporate security is of prime importance to our company. Our developers have the right experience and expertise to lead your app development and follow it up with tight security measures to make your mobile move a success.

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