Navitouch EHR

About NaviTouch EHR

NaviTouchis a comprehensive electronic health records (EHR/EMR) service provider that aims at empowering medical professionals with the benevolent information technology. NaviTouch EHR provided by the company for internal systems for hospitals links physician, clinician, patient registration, patient portal, and billing whilethe external systems connect hospitals, clinics, specialists, primary care physicians, pharmacies, and medical labs for quicker and more efficienttreatment.


Every field is becoming sophisticated with the debut of mobile technology. Health care arena is no exception to this rule. NaviTouch already had EHR/EMR web portal where medical professionals, especially doctors, can access their patients’ information. The company felt that a mobile application integrated with the existing system would make it easier for the doctors to retrieve or record information instantly and thus hasten treatment and improve health care as well as therevenue of thehospitals.

Business scenario

It is important that doctors get the necessary information about their patients instantly, and it is also important that they record all of their observations instantly so that itcomeshandy when the need arises. Although there is a web portal that performs the task, it is indeed a cumbersome task to visit an online system to retrieve or record patients’ medical history. Not only is it time consuming but also error prone as the doctors’ voice would be typed manually by operators. NaviTouch wanted to make things simpler and more accurate.


  • A lot of time was spent on retrieving the patients previous medical records
  • Manual typing of doctor’s voice recordings were error prone
  • Images had to be uploaded manually
  • More of Doctors’ precious time was spent on creating medical records than their life saving tasks
  • The delay in getting the proper information resulted in increase of fatality
  • Slow processes resulted in reduction of income to hospitals

Proposed Solution

An expert team from Innopplmade a careful analysis of the situation and decided to create an ipad app that could empower the doctors to retrieve required data including x-rays/scan reports of patients from the web portal that was already in place. The app would also have a voice totext converter which would enable to the doctor to textually record the information just by speaking into the device. The app would also make it possible for the doctor to click and save images of the body parts and the face of the patient for future reference.


The expert team from innoppl had to analyze the existing EHR system and create an ipad app exactly as it proposed. Care was taken that the UI of the ipad app matched that of web portal. The application did include retrieval of data and images from the cloud along with a voice to text converter. During the initial testing stages the speech-to-text-converter API wasn’t accurate and up to the mark and finally Google speech to text converter API that popped out various textual options for accent was chosen, integrated with the app, and successfully tested.


With all of the needs required for the ipad app functioning great, NaviTouch is now able to provide its clients with the best in class mobile EHR solution. Quite an amount of time is saved on every patient; doctors are able to attend more patients; manual typing is completely eliminated with the presence of speech to text converter; and the overall revenue of hospitals has considerably gone up, while the numbers of fatalities have drastically come down.