Mighty Auto

Mighty Auto – Partners to the Automotive Professional

Mighty Auto (link to website for authenticity) is a popular Wisconsin based business offering automobile sales, services, dealership and financing in that sector for the last 19 years. Their service is strongly driven by customer needs and this is quite evident from their recent investment in a field service tablet application.

Requirement – A better end-to-end experience with Technology

Being customer driven in their approach, the company definitely understood that it is not just about having well equipped garages and skilled technicians when it came to offering a ‘wow’ service for their customers. For a smooth end-to-end client experience, the company decided to automate their manually driven internal processes thus making it error-free and snappy. They knew that there was a compelling need to augment their strong web presence with smooth internal processes.

Increasing Happy customers with smooth processes

Nothing can be more annoying for a customer than a wrong bill and this is the case even when the company has offered exceptional quality of service. Mighty Auto’s technicians went the extra mile in their service offering butthey could not really help the errors caused by manual form filling considering the variety of services and plans the company offered. With the increasing customer choices, it was definitely getting difficult for the technicians to be efficient at their work. The manual nature of the job and the redundancy in work resulted in a small percentage of annoyed customers.

Process Automation was the necessary next step for the company.

No paper work. No redundancy. No manual errors.

Process automation in this business scenario where there are field technicians involved will not be possible without the mobile component. Innoppl thus proposed an ipad and Android compatible Mobile app with direct and secure access to the web backed for report submission, information and retrieval and billing. The mobile UI was not only provided with all the necessary text fields but also with options to photograph the vehicle and scan the VIN sticker in order to quicken the process. The technician inspecting a vehicle can also include his comments and sign in the given field.

A solution that could ensure the entire tree: No paper work. No redundancy. No manual errors.

Innoppl – Adding Business value with Technology

Process sophistication and thus any business value creation is impossible without technology. Innoppl works with its clients to offer business value to clients through technology. The Innoppl team with this vast experience has the ability to quickly understand the nitty gritties of the client’s domain, the ability to think of value-add for the client’s end customer, the skills to design intuitive UIs for app users and the technology expertise to build and implement a robust solution.

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