Mobile Commerce for a Retail Store


A Mid-sized retail store in US.

Market Needs & Business Requirement

In the age of smartphones and apps, it is almost imperative to have a mobile presence for a retail brand to engage smartly with its customers. It is a necessity that the brand not only offers an enriching offline and web experience but also provides the user with an exceptional and interactive mobile shopping experience, as more than 50% of the retail customer base belongs to the smartphone segment.

Our client had not yet lapped onto this opportunity and hence, a rising number of young customers had gradually leaned away off their radar. This was a worrying aspect as the brand depended on its young users to increase their brand value through word-of-mouth.

This was the strong driving force for our client to launch a native app – To utilize the mobile channel to increase engagement
with its existing customer base and to attract more customers from the younger mobile generation.

The Challenge

Nearly all major brands have acknowledged the potential of smartphones and have leveraged it to their advantage-By tailoring their product offerings and shopping experience for their customers. The challenge here was to come up with an app that will surpass the existing expectations and deliver the ‘wow’ experience for customers. We set out to develop an app that is usable, intuitive and that which appeals to a shopper with limited attention span.


Inoppl Solutions held a couple of brainstorming sessions with the client to understand the customer demography, their behavior and their needs. With this understanding, it was agreed that it was best to approach this by customizing Innoppl’s own shopping product called ‘iMobecommerce’. This provided the basic skeleton for quick development and launch.

The existing solution had all the basic features like

  • Shopping Cart–To allow users to select items of their choice for their eventual purchase.
  • Product Search–To enable users to look for their desired items from a catalog of thousands of items.
  • Payment and Shipping – To enable users to pay for the purchased items by a secured mode of online transaction and keeping track of the shipment by updating the customer of its shipment status.

To this basic framework, the following features were added. The below features were implemented in a fashion that defined the uniqueness of this brand’s shopping experience.

  • Wish-list–To allow users to bookmark the selected item for a future purchase.
  • Store Locator–To help customers find the nearest store. These are customers who prefer to use the mobile to assist their shopping but complete their shopping in a an actual store.
  • Customer Support–To let users contact the customer service center in case of problem or defects regarding an item bought. Also, the customer support involves 24*7 hotlines and live chats for customers to interact right from the app.

We also helped the client publish this app across all app stores. The app has since then garnered a very positive response from the store’s customers.


After the launch of the app across the various app stores, the client reported a rise in customer engagement. The ease of access and optimal user experience has led to the app getting a favorable response among the users in the app store. The overall positive response has led to customer retention and attracting new prospective customers to the store.