About Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. is one of the most popular suppliers of road construction equipment. The company has been very successful in its work flow processes for the last 40 years. Nixon Egli deals with some of the well-known brands in the industry and its product line is extensive. The clients are from a vast geographical area.


As the workforce of Nixon Egli has increased considerably over these years, the administration required a system in place, where personnel allotment and task assignment could be transparent and easy. The company also wanted to equip its field staff with an enterprise mobile app that could guide them to the location of the customers hassle free and enable them to report the business deals and add new customers.

Business scenario

The admin at Nixon Egli assigns five sales personnel to each manager and each sales personnel will be assigned five customers by the managers. The sales personnel would visit the customers at their locations and gather information about their requirements and finish the business deal. In a few cases, they will have to report lost sale or just provide a quote for later consideration. As the field staff was using paper forms to gather information, the entry at the web portal had to be done manually. With the increase in number of customers, the field staff found it difficult to locate customers, digitalizing the gathered information has also become a tough task.


  • Sales personnel spent more time in searching customer locations.
  • Digitalizing the gathered information was a redundant task and error prone.
  • Status of business deals were reported only at the end of the day.
  • The delay in adding new customers to the database resulted in loss of customers

Proposed Solution

Nixon Egli already had a web application system in place and Innoppl, after a thorough analysis of the situation, proposed an ipad app for the field staff. The app named as Nixon Egli CRM would be integrated to the existing online portal in a way that it functions seamlessly with it. The app design should have options to display the customer-lists, address book, register events, and geo location. The sales personnel should also be able to submit reports soon after closing a business deal and also add new customers on the go.


Since the company already had a web-based application in place, experts from Innoppl had to carefully study the requirements of the mobile solution. Our developers created the application as per the proposed design and matched the UI of the mobile application with that of the original online portal. The CRM enterprise mobile app was integrated with the online application. A few glitches were set right after the first test run and finally the flawless solution was in place.


The company is now able to effectively monitor and control assignment of tasks to the sales personnel. The sales personnel are now able to reach their customers without much difficulty in locating them using the geo location. There is no need of re-entering the gathered information in the database. The sales personnel are able to communicate the status of business deals instantly to their superiors. The sales personnel can now add new customers instantly without having to make the customer wait for long.