ACT (auto claim)

“Innomobileapps offers its enterprise experience and engineering expertise at an unbeatable price. Working with them to implement an ipad app for all our field workers has improved our business processes immensely” – CEO, ACT

About ACT

ACT (Auto Claim Technology) is an automotive shop specializing in handling paintless dent repair, paint overspray removal, hail damage repair and paintless dent removal for cars and trucks. The company was established in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia. They have over 30 years of combined experience in the overspray removal industry. Having satisfied thousands of customers and servicing over 200,000 vehicles nationwide, they are now considered the leaders in the field.


ACT assists insurance companies, painting and coatings contractors, auto dealers and self-insured entities with their claims management process. Their primary goal is to save their customers’ valuable time by handling all administrative functions necessary to resolve paint overspray claims and hail damage repair claims. They also take care of all vehicle scheduling, pre-cleaning inspections, release forms, and compensation paperwork.

The requirement was to streamline these processes and client servicing by implementing a mobile solution for field workers

Business Scenario

The manager at ACT receives an email every day with a list of jobs (cars to be worked on) for that particular day. This list is sent as a spreadsheet with details of the car, the problem and the client location. The manager then assigns these jobs to field technicians. The technicians visit the site and manually fill out paper based check-in forms for each car. Once the job is done, they bring back the forms to the office where all necessary details are fed back into the spreadsheet by the manager for generating invoices.


  • Using paper forms for data gathering was time consuming
  • Manually gathering data in paper forms was error prone
  • Not having a centralized database of customer and business information resulted in inefficient business management

Proposed Solution

We proposed to create an iPad app for field workers to replace paper forms and a web backend, for the app to interact with, to make real time updation. While the client requirement was to develop an app for any tablet, we proposed the use of ipads for their business scenario where field workers are required to take photos of automobiles to discern the model of the car and other details.

In addition, we proposed the development of a web portal for the manager to monitor data and generate reports and invoices.


Since the company was entirely run on spreadsheets and paper forms, everything had to be built from scratch to seamlessly automate the process. We even worked on creating accounts for each field technician. Each of the technicians was also assigned a PIN for secure access of the app.

One of the major challenges was in training the technicians and admin for using the app and web portal. Since a lot of the processes were automated, there was a bit of a learning curve for the employees. For example, the app had the capability to scan the VIN sticker on the car to decode the year, model and make of the car. Earlier, all these details were recorded manually by the technicians. Though there was a bit of learning involved, the efficiency of the process soon made the field workers happy.


Some very significant results were achieved by the app implementation

Saved Time

Before the implementation of the app, it took almost 4 days to generate an invoice for the client from the time a field technician finished his job. Post the app implementation, it now takes less than a day to generate a client invoice

Reducing human errors

Ability to discern model, year and make of the car by the app itself reduced the number of fields the technician had to fill. Also, at every step, if there is an error in data submission, the technician cannot move on to the next step, which made sure there was no erroneous data ever submitted. This has helped reduce hassles and save time.

Centralizing data management

With the development of the web portal with all employee and technician information, it became easy for the manager to generate work reports. This dashboard view of numbers and processes in-turn helped in refining existing processes.