Why use mobile apps in sales force automation

How to use mobile apps for field servicesCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) software that provides vital information on the expectations of consumers and their behavioral patterns is an integral part of modern day marketing. Making these data available to the sales force as and when they required would help them achieve better targets. Irrespective of the performance of the marketing team, businesses always demand more. The higher the number of customers, the more the income generated from sales. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is increasingly getting the attention of today’s businesses. Many of the businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to automate their sales force. If you are wondering what exactly SFA is and how mobile apps can be of use in improving the sales the following information will enlighten you on the topic.

Gist of sales force automation

SFA is the process of utilizing software programs to manage various tasks associated with marketing. For instance, the software can provide up to date information on inventory, sales processes, customer feedbacks, performance of individual sales personnel and the like. The software enables the marketing team to change their strategies according to the target audience to be successful in their efforts. It is quite tedious and time consuming to track all of the interactions or gather useful data out of the information manually. Software programs, on the other hand, can extract the essential data in a jiffy and present it to the sales team. There are standard formulas that enable the marketing personnel to get the right inference from the data collected. The collected data can also help the company to improve its products and marketing strategies to achieve better growth.

Benefits of sales force automation

The very purpose of automating business processes is to achieve better efficiency and the purpose of the SFA is no different. As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost benefit of SFA is saving time, money, and energy. Businesses cannot afford to spend a lot of time collecting and analyzing the data obtained from the marketing team. Moreover, manual analysis of such data is prone to errors. Instead, the use of software will not only provide accurate information, but also enable the management to focus on the core business. With accurate data at hand, the marketing team can achieve their goals with ease. Earlier, the use of sales force automation software was limited to desktop computers and laptops, but today with the proliferation of smart mobile devices, the sales team can get access to all of the data on the go.

The role of mobile app in sales force automation

Mobile applications have made many things much easier for people. Today, there is a mobile app for every task. While apps that are found in the app stores are usually consumer-centric mobile apps, there are also mobile apps that can be linked to commercial and industrial software. The mobile applications that are used in enterprise are known as enterprise mobile apps. These mobile apps serve as a front end to the enterprise software, making it possible to perform all of the tasks that are usually performed on desktop computers and laptops using smart mobile devices on the go. If you already have an SFA in place, developing a mobile app that can seamlessly integrate with the existing SFA software is a wise thing to do. If not

Equipping the marketing personnel

Apart from providing the marketing personnel with the require data on the go, it is essential to equip them with necessary marketing arsenals while they are out there in the field. Brochures are truly very effective marketing tools that work till today. However, brochures have also evolved with technology growth. Today, e-brochures that can be viewed on mobile devices have become very popular. Providing access to e-brochures of the business and other stuff such as video tutorials to the marketing personnel can help them succeed in their outdoor marketing missions. There are times when tech-savvy clients shoot technical questions that marketing personnel find it difficult to answer. Providing a chat facility in the app can enable the clients to directly talk to the technical team which can answer their questions instantaneously.

Mobile sales force automation

The benefits of Mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) are many some of the most important things are as follows:

  • Effective management of contacts and records. All of the contact details including name, address, phone numbers, email ids and the like can be stored and retrieved at will on the go.
  • Managing accounts with mobile SFA is a lot easier as updates can be made instantaneously. You need not wait to get back to your cubicle to update them or check the past records.
  • Reduces non-core activities by automating lead conversions and related works.
  • Makes marketing campaigns a lot easier as the details of the target customers are readily available.
  • Providing quotes to customers and taking orders can be done right from the customers place instantly without any delay.
  • The mobile SFA can provide accurate predictions on market status and enable marketing personnel to prepare themselves for situations that could arise.

Integrating mobile apps with an existing system

Since most of the businesses already utilize sales force automation software, simply developing the mobile app and integrating it with the system would suffice. There are many middleware that enables app developers to integrate the latest mobile technologies with an existing system. While some of the SFA software can be directly integrated with the mobile app, legacy systems need the middleware for smooth integration. Mobile app developers adept in enterprise level applications often take care of the deployment of the mobile app in the business environment.

Enterprise mobile app developers

Mobile app developer is a generic term and often represents developers that focus on consumer-centric apps. Not all of the developers, can build enterprise level mobile applications. Only those that are experienced in developing enterprise level mobile applications can identify the problems and suggest apt solutions. At Innomobileapps, we have been developing mobile applications for enterprise use for the past four years and we have been very successful in our ventures. If you would like to utilize our services, do contact us.