Tracking your lost phone with Android Device Manager

Tracking-your-lost-phone-with-Android-Device-Manager Shortly after giants Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola joined Apple, Microsoft, Huawei & Nokia agreed to include the “kill-switch” to remotely wipe and lock them, comes the announcement from Google‘s Android Device Manager that adds message and callback number options for lost phones.

With mobile theft rates increasing by the day and unaffordable insurance and terms, Google’s inclusion of adding a message and a phone number for the person with the phone to call is a welcome feature.
How does it work?
The callback number is concealed when it’s put on the lock screen and holds a “call owner” button to hit. The message area then shows up for text input.
Though the message and callback features require ‘enabling’, it is the best feature if put to work; the person with the phone can be ‘tricked into’ calling the owner while attempting to call another number. This comes as a huge advantage as one could link back with the device.
Since the “kill-switch” comes with an opt-in and is applicable only for devices stolen after July 2015, it is a smart decision to make use of the message and call back features.
But what if you haven’t installed a tracking app and it’s stolen?
Here’s something from Google’s Device Manager. The options work perfect on the hope that the thief hasn’t disconnected your phone from your Google account.
PLAN A – Use your Google account

  • Your device is connected with your Google account
  • Has access to internet
  • Allowed Android Device Manager (ADM) turned ON by default. This can be changed in Google Settings app also
  • Allow ADM to lock your device and erase data (turned OFF by default)

One best thing is it doesn’t require installation of an app and nor does it require laptop; you could even use someone else’s android phone to track. However be informed that you cannot remote control with any other option. On the contrary, if the thief disconnects your device from the Google account, you have simply cannot track it.

PLAN B – Track via Android Lost
Though a more complicated way than the earlier option, it requires just two of the earlier listed requirements.

  • Connected with your Google account
  • Has access to internet

Install Android Lost on the phone and activate by sending an SMS from any phone.
What if you don’t have the phone with you to install?
Google has a solution, install any app on all your registered devices directly from the browser through their Google Play website and navigate to the Android Lost App and click on install button.