The State Of Mobile App Adoption Across Industries

The State Of Mobile App Adoption Across Industries

If you are a business that’s still speculating developing a mobile app for your brand and still not convinced if consumers will accept it, then this article is for you.

We know you may not have the time to read all the endless lines and analysis (which we are definitely good at) that go on for days. Words are great, but we like presenting ideas in figures! That is why we have compiled together a handful of statistics to give you a clear picture of the overall app adoption scene.


First, let’s look at a step by step analysis that led to the app era. Here comes the first.

Desktop Vs Mobile


The winner – Mobile!

How about we dig deeper into this?

Why did this shift happen? What is it in mobile that made all this occur?

The answer – The personalized approach. Being a personal device that stays with an individual all the time, mobile lead to creative innovations. These changes happened swiftly and opened a world of opportunities that desktops couldn’t offer because they’re stationary. The more technology moves with you, the more innovative the technology will become.


So what do they do on mobile and desktop?


The Time Spent By Consumers On Mobile And Desktop


Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, US, May 2014.

The luxury of carrying your entertainment with you and the ability to access anything and everything from anywhere has caused the sharp decline in Desktop usage. And this decline is permanent.


The Smartphone frenzy

Smartphones are probably the only electronic device that was an instant hit and the most sought after device to date. The competition between the platforms is only adding more glamour to the frenzy.



The consumer’s attachment towards their personal device…The ‘handy’ device gets the world to the hand. All it takes is a click or sweep. Recently, eMarketer published the mobile-affinity rates of the millennials based their research. And it’s telling.



The millennials clear choice is mobile, which accompany them all the time, literally around the clock. With all the creativity pouring in to the app industry, usage is expected to grow.

The US citizens are sure smartphone lovers. Here are some numbers –



The mobile phone has capture the younger generation with 84% of 13-17 year old’s owning a mobile phone, while an equal 83% of 6-9 year old’s use the tablet already.


The Mobile App

This is one heck of innovation! Sample this – According to Statista, the Mobile app store revenue worldwide is projected to grow to US $76.6 billion by 2017.

This is where the giant wars are fought. A big platform war is happening that is only heating up with time.


  • The Flurry Analytics reported, by 2014, the overall mobile app usage grew to 76%
  • US adults, according to Nielsen on an average spent 43 hours and 31 minutes per month connecting to mobile content through an app or web browser during the 2Q of 2014
  • According to eMarketer, 10% to 33% of mobile users search for apps first or only for apps
  • An average smartphone user has about 42 apps on the device; while 55% of them use 1-4 per day
  • The tablet users fare better in terms of app usage, with 89% of them use < 10 apps on a daily basis out of the 35 apps (an average) they download.


So when do they use their apps?




According to the above finding by Nielson, consumers make the most during their free time and to kill time.

But these are people that are serious users, as well. Targeting them has yielded the best results. Some of the industries who have quickly picked up the trend had made big money. The biggest growth recorded by Flurry Analytics, on the mobile app usage pattern has been in the categories of





How are the businesses coping with the trend?

Now that’s a big question. The businesses catching up to the consumer’s speed has been a point of discussion. With a widespread app adoption across all quarters, businesses are being forced to meet the expectations of their mobile customers.



So, now where are you as an entrepreneur in the mobile app adoption landscape? While you do your introspection, we’ll be back with a more in-depth account of how different industries are adapting to the app storm.