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  • Google announces a spec bump on Google Glass

    Google Glass has been a great hit right from day one of its release. Although a number of wearable devices existed even before the release of Google Glass, they weren’t as popular as the Google’s product. Google Glass can be crowned as the first wearable device that could work independent of mobile phones. The innovative attempt by Google was an […]
  • Why many enterprise mobile strategies fail to succeed?

    Mobility has become the trend of the day and many enterprises are looking to develop mobile applications to keep in pace with their competitors. Although enterprise mobility solutions are being adopted by many enterprises, not all of the enterprise mobility solutions are successful. Our expert mobile app consultants conducted a research on the area and have come up with the […]
  • Contemporary enterprise mobile trends to follow

    Ever since the debut of smart mobile devices, the way we do business has considerably changed. Today, mobile apps are not used for entertainment or organizing day to day tasks, but they are now being seriously involved in manufacturing, CRM, and marketing purposes. The very purpose of developing enterprise mobile apps for a business is to enhance productivity and cut […]
  • The difference between consumer apps and enterprise mobile apps

    It has been quite some time since the debut of smart mobile devices and mobile applications. Today, almost everyone on the planet knows what mobile apps are, thanks to popular applications, such as angry birds, facebook, & whatsapp. The real purpose of mobile apps is to help people complete tasks quickly, accurately, and more efficiently. In fact, most of the […]
  • Benefits and Risks of Enterprise Mobile Apps

    Enterprise Mobile Applications are highly benevolent to businesses. However, they are not without risks. Of course, the benefits of enterprise mobile apps outnumber the risks, but it is wise to be proactive in averting threats. Only well informed mobile app developer can provide you with a secure mobile application. The following illustration demonstrates the benefits and risks of enterprise mobile […]