Steps to Create a Successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy

The obvious objectives towards Enterprise Mobility are clear

  • Enable smarter & faster decision making
  • Drive revenues
  • Improving Customer interaction resulting in improved Brand awareness
  • Saving costs
  • Overall improved organizational efficiency

To achieve this requires a strong and meticulously planned mobile strategy that includes all the components…

  • Existing Infrastructures & Technologies
  • Budget considerations
  • Security & Compliance (inclusive of BYOD policies)
  • Identifying functional priorities
  • Employee exposure towards mobile technologies
  • Implementation methodology &
  • Mobile ROI

An Enterprise Mobile Strategy should essentially revolve around 3 key approaches:

  • Mobility Purpose: Refers to the core purpose of implementing a enterprise-wide mobile strategy
  • Assessment: Assessing the existing infrastructural assets and how mobile-friendly the organization is
  • Evaluation & Prioritization

Let us elaborate on the above listed steps

Step 1 – The Mobile Purpose: Define policies, objectives, scope, technology, management and measurements. Make sure to gather answers to the below attributes –

  • Mobility’s fit on the overall strategy        
  • Focus areas of mobile priorities
  • How will mobility drive the operational activities
  • Preparedness & Timelines
  • Measurements of success

Step 2 – Existing assets and mobile maturity. Focus on the below strategic areas –

  • Organization’s readiness and agility for a transformational change
  • Is the digital vision aligned with the employee and client expectations?
  • Commitment towards the continual technological processes towards reaching the strategic goal
  • Ability to carry out key operational processes and optimize strategy

Step 3 – Evaluate & Prioritize

Post-analysis, it is critical to evaluate and prioritize the project to maximize organization’s budget, keep up the momentum and the adherence to the mobile blueprint. Prioritization is important to estimate product timelines, financial expectations and the user impact. This phase is essential to examine the strategy success rate through a detailed cost-benefit-analysis.

The process may seem tasking but the benefits are well worth the challenges. Armed with a detailed Enterprise Mobile Strategy ensures inclusion of all relevant stakeholders and minimizes implementation gaps.