Siri, Google Now, and Cortana: The new age of virtual assistants

Siri-Google-Now-and-Cortana-The-new-age-of-virtual-assistants At, Innomobileapps, it is customary for android and iOS mobile app developers to discuss hot topics on enterprise mobility solutions. During the discussions, they were arguing about the capabilities of virtual assistants. Their quest was to find odd man out among Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. Check out the information given below.

Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant for iPhone. Siri in Norwegian means “a beautiful woman who leads you to victory.” Siri is one of the most reputed virtual assistants in the mobile market. First introduced in 2011 on iPhone 4S, Siri has conquered the hearts of millions of iPhone users. Described as the Apple’s chatty assistant, the virtual assistant is highly useful in aiding users in many ways. For instance, users can activate many functions, such as make a call or message or a calendar event simply by speaking into their iPhones.

Cortana is the latest buzz in the mobile world. Cortana is the Microsoft’s counterpart of Siri. First introduced at the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference in April 2014, the newest virtual assistant of Windows 8.1 acquired its name from the Master Chief’s holographic helper form the Halo games. Although Cortana is comparatively young, it is in no way inferior to Siri or Google Now. According to Microsoft, Cortana comes with all of the abilities that Siri has acquired over these years. It seems the virtual assistant from Windows can even understand the context, taking into account the last question asked by the user.

Google Now is the Google’s virtual assistant for Android phones. First unveiled in 2012, the virtual assistant is one of the most intelligent ones in the mobile world. It can pull cards from the user’s Gmail account and display flight information, package tracking information, hotel reservations, and restaurant reservations. It has been recently extended to work on Android Wear devices. Although the search with camera option has been removed for unknown reasons, the capabilities of Google Now are growing by the day.

Well, both Siri and Cortana are names of characters which reflect the personalities that are intelligent and helpful. Google, on the other hand, has named its virtual assistant as Google Now which is reflects its self promotional and business mindset.