Scheduled webinar on healthcare mobile apps by Innomobileapps

Webinar on healthcare mobile apps Enterprise mobile apps have become the heart and soul of businesses. Almost every industry, such as automotive, retail stores, banking, insurance, manufacturing and hospitality, among others have started using enterprise level mobile applications. The good news for those in the healthcare industry is that the healthcare industry is one of the pioneers in utilizing modern technologies. Today, every other healthcare service provider is using mobile apps to the advantage of physicians, staff, and patients. Some of the healthcare mobile applications in the market are quite admirable. They not only make the job of the employees easy, but they also make it easy and quick for patients.

Innomobileapps has been developing healthcare mobile apps for years and the healthcare app development team has hands on experience in the latest technologies and techniques. In order to share their knowledge with the community, expert mobile app developers, specializing in healthcare app development, are organizing a webinar on 27th May 2014. Here is the list of the topics that will be elaborated during the webinar.

• Growth in mobile devices and technologies.
• Trends of mobile usage in healthcare industry.
• Impact of tablet and iPad introduction.
• HIPAA compliance and other security features.
• Data safety techniques.
• Use cases of few Healthcare mobile innovative solutions.

It is important for the professionals in the healthcare industry to keep themselves up to date about the latest mobile devices and technologies to provide high quality services. Since mobile app usability and efficiency depends on the latest mobile trends, observing the mobile usage trends in the healthcare industry is the right way to start. Analyzing the impact of using tablets and iPads in healthcare processes will help healthcare professionals to include benevolent features and eliminate obscurity. HIPAA compliance is yet another important aspect in healthcare mobile apps which every healthcare professional should be aware of.

Our expert app developers have also planned to share some of the highly valued data safety techniques that will help the institutions to safeguard the data with ultimate protection. Since the objective of the webinar is to make things clear to the healthcare professionals, our mobile app developers will be analyzing a few innovatively developed healthcare mobile apps. Any health care professional willing to learn about the latest trends in the industry can participate in the webinar. All you have to do is register with us ahead of the scheduled date. Use our Online Form to book your slot.