Predictions of BYOD 2014

Last year, many companies experimented with bring your own device, or BYOD, policies. While employees enjoyed being able to use their own phones and BYOD has been relatively successful, technological developments will ensure the success of BYOD in 2014.

Some emerging technologies can help companies implement BYOD in 2014 with fewer hassles than previous years created. One technology that can help are “dual persona” phones. The United States has been slow to adopt dual-SIM phones on GSM networks, but these phones offer advantages because users can insert SIMs for different accounts and potentially different providers. A simple change in the settings menu or the flip of a button switches between the inserted SIM cards, allowing users to easily move from work to personal usage.

However, dual SIMs require paying for two plans, and only work with phones that are compatible with GSM or some 4G LTE networks. Dual-personal software means that employees can switch between users without hardware changes. Enterprise app developers who take advantage of dual personas will be successful in the coming years.

Another technological advantage tp BYOD policies are mobile portals. These enterprise mobility solutions will make it easier for employees to have access to the same data regardless of operating system or device. Mobile gateways will be able to provide secure access because the data remains on the gateway rather than saving to the user’s phone.

While mobile portals are helpful, difficulties haven’t stopped some companies from achieving success through BYOD. In fact, one IDC survey revealed that BYOD users rely on enterprise apps more than any other app. Vice President J Wayne Alley of VCC has also talked about how mobile apps help BYOD and is quoted as saying. “We’re analyzing information on-the-go to make intelligent, real-time decisions — it’s changing the way we work.” The company saw decreases in customer service response time of up to 50 percent thanks to BYOD policies.

Enterprise app developers who focus on mobile solutions in the coming year will have no shortage of opportunity. Plus, efforts from manufacturers to increase security make BYOD viable for companies that frequently work with sensitive information.