• Apple iOS 8 – Loaded with Enterprise Enhancements – Part 2

    Here’s the concluding part of the 2-part series elaborating the Enterprise features of Apple iOS8. Calendar App Now users can schedule/plan meetings in accordance to their coworker’s availability, as now they can access coworker status. Meetings can be marked Private and functions available for setting repeat meetings (mentioning the time intervals) from iOS devices. Also enables sending of messages to […]
  • Steps to Create a Successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy

    The obvious objectives towards Enterprise Mobility are clear Enable smarter & faster decision making Drive revenues Improving Customer interaction resulting in improved Brand awareness Saving costs Overall improved organizational efficiency To achieve this requires a strong and meticulously planned mobile strategy that includes all the components… Existing Infrastructures & Technologies Budget considerations Security & Compliance (inclusive of BYOD policies) Identifying […]
  • Apple iOS 8 – Loaded with Enterprise Enhancements- Part 1

    Here’s the first part of a two-part series listing the key enterprise specific features of iOS 8 that targets a more corporate friendly approach. We start with briefing the security features as it has been a continuous challenge to any business. Message-specific encryption: The iOS 8 allows the user to encrypt their individual email messages with added protection using S/MIME […]
  • A Strategic Approach to Enterprise Mobility

    The Enterprise Mobility comes with its share of numerous challenges and issues that range from infrastructure complexities to costs to applications for disparate devices to implementation troubles. Many of these issues and challenges can be avoided by a strategic approach. We have listed a few of our recommendations essential to greatly reduce errors and make the transition smooth. Appoint a […]
  • Healthcare Mobility Trends

    With a majority of CIO’s voting Mobility to be on the top of their agenda, one-third of applications developed target mobility. With BYOD gaining steady traction, mobility continues to grow strong. With mobility being a ready at hand solution to control costs, it has taken the healthcare by a storm. Here, we have listed top trends to look and get […]
  • Processes in enterprise mobile application development company

    Consultation: The first and foremost thing the enterprise mobile application development company does as soon as you approach is analyze your business. Good app developers are good listeners too. They utilize the opportunity to learn about your business and discover areas that can be effectively addressed by the mobile app. As a customer you can get much information about the […]
  • Tracking your lost phone with Android Device Manager

    Shortly after giants Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola joined Apple, Microsoft, Huawei & Nokia agreed to include the “kill-switch” to remotely wipe and lock them, comes the announcement from Google‘s Android Device Manager that adds message and callback number options for lost phones. With mobile theft rates increasing by the day and unaffordable insurance and terms, Google’s inclusion of adding […]
  • Manufacturing mobility solutions are the latest buzz

    Mobile apps are being recognized as benevolent tools in all industries. Enterprise level mobile apps are being used at all levels in the industries. Some of the pioneers in making good use of mobile applications include the automotive industry, healthcare industry, banking, retail businesses and insurance among others. Until the recent past, apps were rarely used in the manufacturing and […]