• Apple does it again – gains over Android

    The holiday season has been a lucky one for the folks at Apple. The good news started with Apple selling a record number of iPhone 6 that way outnumbered its earlier models. On top of that, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported that the Q4 2014 U.S sales numbers of iPhones accounted for 47.7% against a 47.6% of Android. Though this may […]
  • Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015

    Earlier, it was the mobile devices that revolutionalized the business world. Now it’s the turn of the adopters to accelerate mobility into business. The tech savvy adopters have set high standards in enterprise mobile adoption and practices with Forrester reporting 52% of all information workers using three or more devices for work purposes. With that said, we think that 2015 […]
  • e-commerce to m-commerce

    Mobile commerce is here to stay. Want evidence? Statistics showed by 2013, m-commerce drove sales by $200 million [please give citation for this]. The numbers will continue to increase as more businesses realizethe need to offer an app of their own to win over other 3rd party providers and sustain their lead in the competitive landscape. While businesses quickly adapted […]
  • Apple’s snapped HealthKit from iOS 8.0.1 expected in iOS 8.0.2

    As many digital health providers waited with abated breath to integrate their products with the HealthKit, Apple’s decision to snap the HealthKit came as a setback for some who had already worked their product accordingly. There are players like FitStar who are waiting to re-submit their version of FitStar Personal Trainer that integrates with the HealthKit and was originally planned […]
  • iOS 8 Adoption Rate Hit 46%

    Apple quietly announced the iOS 8 adoption rate on its App Store Distribution page as measured on September 21, 2014. The iOS 8 consumer adoption rate stands at 46% against a 49% of iOS 7 and 5% on older versions. This platform penetration rate is being considered to be a promising one for the fact that it has been out […]
  • The Business of Mobile App Development

    Mobile app development is clearly gaining a strong footage and is a lucrative business proposition. No wonder the competition is huge and fewer taste success. In the below infographic, we have discussed the attributes that make it a lucrative business option.
  • Steps to Secure Mobile Device Apps

    Today mobiles and apps are man’s best friend. They are inevitable. For any individual, holding an android or a smartphone with apps is part of life. With a soaring app usage, it is even important to address the security factors. There are thousands of apps in the market, though these are primarily built to simplify our lives, the factor of […]
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits for Smart Healthcare

    The very idea of RPM was sowed for the sole purpose to promote health at lower costs and extend a continued care even after patients left the hospitals. The key benefactors are the chronically-ill patients for whom RPM would serve as an early warning system to enable early intervention – hence reducing emergency visits. This not only saves the invaluable […]