Mobile Trend Wrap-Ups – Find What You Missed Out On

Mobile Trend Wrap-Ups – Find What You Missed Out On
The next round up of mobile trends is out. It is an interesting week with the top players fighting to lead the IoT arena and other new desirable features.

You Tube To Let Users Buy Directly Through Ads

As if the 1 billion active YouTube users aren’t enough to generate enough revenue, Google announced a new feature called “True View” which will let users buy products of their interest through the link provided in the video. Imagine the scenario, you are watching a cooking show and salivating over the delicious food onscreen, ensuring there is an option to order a similar dish that gets delivered in 30 minutes. Hello, impulse purchase! This is something Google wishes to achieve with the True View feature. With the old ad model, users had the option to close the videos, resulting in YouTube not getting paid for it.

Updated Apple Maps In iOS 9?

It’s rumored that Apple Maps will cover public transportation information like bus, subway, metro routes, etc. along with directions. These details have been already available in Google Maps which was taken down as Apple’s primary Maps option in 2013, when they brought in Apple Map concept. This rumored update also includes trip planning feature which helps in better transportation. More cities were added into the Maps app along with intense time spent on making the information more accurate.

Did Apple Accidently Release An Image Of iPhone 6C?

With the sales of the lightening dock, the iPhone sitting on it was an image of a 5C lookalike with the touch ID sensor. News floating around states Apple has accidentally released the image of the iPhone 6C. Well, this surely has caused a lot of excitement from Apple fanatics who are raving about it. The iPhone 6 has just made a massive debut recently, if an iPhone 6S or 6C is released then it is sure to be received with wide-open arms.

Pizza Hut’s Public Concern Video

This sensational video is created by Pizza Hut showcases the danger of selfie stick. People walking around with the stick are quite self absorbed and not aware of the surroundings. The selfie sticks are also banned in many public tourist spots and museum for the fear of hitting tourist or breaking priceless artifacts. The video ends with Pizza Hut stating ‘Please selfie responsibly’.

Uber Starts Testing Self Driven Cars

Uber is less than discreet with their plans for driverless cars. The Pennsylvania city is where Uber’s Advanced Technology Center is located. Ford Fusion is the prototype car with a bunch of gadgets on top and the word Uber clearly stamped on it. Uber confirmed that this initiative is in the early research phase of mapping, safety and autonomy system.

Google To Come Out With A New OS For The Internet of Things

Google’s plan for its new OS is to target low powered devices that can connect via the Internet of Things. The low power device functions with RAM as little as 32 or 64MB. It’s just the right amount to operate small objects like light bulbs, door lock, etc. Everyone out there is looking to get into the Internet of Things and hope to make it big, we just have to wait and see which one fares better than the other.

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