Mobile apps for a paperless office and a greener world

Webinar on healthcare mobile appsThe traditional ways of documentation and filing records have lost sheen, with the debut of mobile apps. All the countries of the world are unanimous when it comes to creating a greener world. Environment conscious businesses are highly appreciated by the consumers. Eliminating the paper forms means saving trees and reducing the carbon footprint. If you are still using paper forms to gather data or assign tasks to your field staff, it is high time that you consider developing a field services management mobile app for your business. The immediate connotation of the phrase mobile app development is expensive sophistication.

It is true that developing enterprise level mobile apps is a costly affair, but it need not be the case in every situation. Actually the development cost of an enterprise mobile app depends on the needs of the business and the complexity of the app. Filed services management apps can range from simple dispatch forms to highly complex ones that include inventory and communication software among others. It is a good idea to learn about the advantages of using filed services management app before getting deeper into enterprise mobility strategies for a greener world.

The traditional way of using paper forms for data collection and reporting are time consuming and costly. The field staff members that collect data using paper forms have to send the collected data to be digitized to the office premises. In the office, it requires a data entry operator to store the data electronically in the central database. Any instructions to the field staff will be communicated either while they are on the premises or over the phone. Such activities slow down the business process and increase errors and expenses. However, using simple dispatch forms and reporting forms can eliminate all of the tediousness involved in the process. Mobile dispatch forms and reporting forms make it instantaneous and the office staff can closely monitor the activities happening in the field out there. If the field staff includes the marketing personnel, then obtaining important product information from the office or sending a consumer grievance for immediate solutions is possible with mobile apps.

While the primary advantage of developing field services management app is an instantaneous transfer of information, the app also completely eliminates the need for paper forms. While using app can save quite an amount in the long run, it also leaves a minimal carbon footprint, escalating the image of the business among the environment-conscious consumers. The fringe benefits of using field services management apps include a trendy work style and impressive customer service.

At Innomobileapps, we develop a variety of enterprise mobile applications to meet the needs of businesses. Our InnoStore houses a number of field services management apps, such as InnoSales, InnoCRM, and InnoScheduler among others. While these premade apps can be easily customized to the needs of individual businesses, our enterprise mobile app developers can also develop unique mobile apps from the scratch specifically for your business. If you wish to simplify the processes for your field staff and have a complete control over the field activities, contact our app developers for innovative solutions.