Why many enterprise mobile strategies fail to succeed?

Why many enterprise mobile strategies fail to succeedMobility has become the trend of the day and many enterprises are looking to develop mobile applications to keep in pace with their competitors. Although enterprise mobility solutions are being adopted by many enterprises, not all of the enterprise mobility solutions are successful. Our expert mobile app consultants conducted a research on the area and have come up with the reasons and possible solutions to make the enterprise mobile apps successful. An in-depth analysis reveals that there are a few factors that hinder the success of enterprise mobile apps. Some of the major reasons are presented in this article.

According to our mobile app experts the first and foremost reason for the failure of enterprise level apps is improper scoping and design. They found that many developers build enterprise apps based on the existing business process without considering simplification of complex processes. One other important reason for failure is the underestimating the work involved in developing enterprise mobile apps. Often developers provide low quotes to grasp the project and end up working on long and complex projects. In order to contain the work within the budget, they compromise on features, functionalities, and overall quality of the app.

Poor UI/UX design is yet another major reason for the failure of enterprise mobile apps. Most mobile app developers do not focus on user experience as they have to deal with a number of important issues in enterprise app development. As a result, employees find it very difficult to use the app in spite of the hard work of the app developers. A reliable survey states that more than sixty-four percent of the employees avoid using enterprise apps due to its complexity. Yet another reason for the failure of enterprise mobile apps is the use of obsolete technologies by the enterprises. Many of the organizations are still using legacy systems that are not compatible with mobile services. Although there are a number of middlewear that could yoke the legacy systems with the modern mobility solutions, it is as rewarding as creating a new Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP).

Testing is an important phase in the enterprise mobile app development and an experienced enterprise mobile app development company would involve users in the beta testing phase. Unless the actual users are involved in the app testing, it would become difficult to understand what they exactly need. Ignoring the actual users and their feedbacks will result in poor performance of the mobile app. Once the app has been delivered, it is important to train the employees on how to utilize the various features and functionalities of the app for best results.

As far as enterprise mobile development at Innomobileapps is concerned, our mobile app consultants work closely with the enterprises to form successful mobile strategies and come up with the best UI/UX for the mobile app. They also provide a detailed quote as per the needs of the organization to avoid embarrassment at a later stage. Our app testing team does a perfect in-house job and also involves the actual users in beta testing of the app. Our experts will assist the organization in deploying the app in the business environment and train all the personnel that are expected to use the app. To learn more about our enterprise app development process, contact us.