Is the newly fangled MDM software the BYOD killer

BYOD has been very popular among businesses as well as the employees for its benevolence. While the companies enjoyed increased productivity, reduced expenses, and complete control over its workforce, the employees enjoyed their freedom at work and the convenience of using their personal devices to accomplish official tasks. For the past two years, BYOD experienced immense growth, especially, among the startups.

MDM software the BYOD killer

Innovators had been working hard to woo corporate companies in implementing BYOD. Quite a lot of discoveries were made over these two years and a number of new terms, such as CYOD and COPE were coined to make BYOD suitable for big players. Although BYOD is gaining pace in a steady manner, Gartner predicts that one in five BYOD programs will be a failure in the near future. Until the recent past MDM software truly struck a balance between employees’ freedom and the companies’ security.

According to Van Baker, a Gartner analyst, a few IT companies would use the newly fangled MDM software to implement stringent control measures in BYOD devices. In yet another survey among the employees, many of them objected to the implementation of BYOD mainly due to privacy concerns. It is easy to infer from the survey results that stringent control measures and privacy violations by the companies will have a negative impact on BYOD in the forthcoming years. Baker also says that the failure of BYOD will result due to the revolt of the employees of companies that take advantage of the powers of MDM software.

If you are planning to implement BYOD in your company, you need not be scared as long as the program offers a good user experience to your employees. If genuine care is taken not to make the user experience disgusting, BYOD can work wonders as far as the growth of your company is concerned. While it is important to have control over the workforce, it is not wise to tighten the noose on the employees. It has been customary for the humans to fight for freedom. Any dictatorial stand on BYOD will certainly end up in revolt of the BYOD employees.

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