Innomobileapps unveils the new enterprise app store – Innostore

Mobile App Store The concept of App Store was first initiated by Apple in the year 2008. Since then, the use of mobile apps has increased in multi-folds. Today, there are a number of app stores from various mobile operators. There are also third party app stores that provide an opportunity for mobile app developers to publish their apps and generate some revenue. The early app stores had more of paid services than free downloads. Today, the scenario has changed, both android and iOS app stores have more free mobile apps than the pay to play models. InnoStore the new enterprise app store from innomobileapps has been launched for the benefit of enterprises that wish to acquire enterprise mobile apps for their institutions.

However, Innostore the new enterprise app store released by Innomobileapps is quite different from the rest of the app stores in the market place. At the Innostore, only the mobile apps developed by the app development teams of Innomobileapps will be available for free download. The homepage of the app store has been bifurcated for the convenience of the users. While the list of categories figures on the left side, the most popular apps are displayed in the gallery located at the right side. The app store contains both iOS and android mobile applications that can be downloaded without having to pay a dime. Since all of the mobile applications available at the InnoStore are enterprise level apps, you need to have a thorough understanding of the app as well as the backend, in order to deploy them in the business environment.

In order to get a clear idea of what InnoStore is all about, a glance at the capabilities of the company is necessary. At Innomobileapps, there are three dedicated teams of mobile app developers. The first team is the iOS app development team that has developed a number of highly popular mobile apps for iPhone and iPad. The second team is a highly dedicated android app development team that has been developing high quality android mobile apps for the past five years. The third team focuses on cross platform app development to satiate the needs of customers that wish to reach out to a wide range of audiences.

Apart from providing enterprise mobile app development services, all of the three mobile app development teams at Innomobileapps also develop off-the-shelf applications based on the industry requirements. These mobile apps have most of the features and functionalities necessary for businesses in an industry. However, minimum customization is essential to modify the app to the specific needs of individual businesses. One of the greatest advantages for businesses looking to add mobility is that they need not develop an entirely new application, but by simply modifying our apps companies can start using the apps within a short span.

Professionals at Innomobileapps can provide complete assistance in customizing your favorite application and deploying them in the business environment for a reasonable fee. In case, your business doesn’t have a system in place, our experts will create the entire Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). In case you have a legacy system, our developers can find the right middleware to integrate the mobile app with your existing system.