InnoEHR mobile app helps the doctors to provide better services to their patients

Webinar on healthcare mobile apps Mobile EHR has become the buzz among the health care professionals, thanks to the federal rule that insists electronic health records across all hospitals in the US. Mobility in the healthcare industry is a great boon to both patients and the doctors. Although there are several mobile app developers out there, not all of them are capable of developing healthcare mobile apps. Only a select few enterprise mobile app developers are capable of developing the highly complex EHR mobile apps. Developing an EHR mobile application is both time consuming and costly. While expenses and time delay are one aspect of building EHR mobile apps, security measures and HIPAA compliance are a few other things that should be taken very seriously during the app development process.

In order to make it easy for hospitals, Innomobileapps has developed an off-the-shelf EHR mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The product is available at Innostore and can be easily customized for the specific needs of individual hospitals in a jiffy. Here are some of the exciting features of the InnoEHR mobile app. The InnoEHR mobile app for hospitals is available for both idevices and Android devices. The app can seamlessly integrate with existing EHR systems of any type. When it comes to information access, such as patient schedule, patients’ personal information, patients’ history and fact sheets, lab reports, X-ray, scan, and other tests, the app makes it instant. Apart from the above mentioned facilities, the app can also be used to refer pharmacy libraries for proper prescription of medicine and even assist the patients in claiming insurance.

While any of the standard EHR mobile apps in the market can have all of the above mentioned features, InnoEHR has several additional features that make it easy for both doctors and the patients. For example, the voice to text converter of the InnoEHR eliminates the need of data entry operator. Doctors cans simply speak into their mobile devices to record their observations and prescriptions in the text format. InnoEHR also houses a plethora of features that enable patients to check the details of diagnosis and also access their medical information anytime, anywhere.

If you are on the lookout for a smart EHR app, InnoEHR is the best off-the-shelf app available in the market. It can be easily customized to the requirements of your hospital. As far as security is concerned InnoEHR has some of the most advanced security systems. Apart from user login, the app utilizes encryption and decryption software to keep the data secure during transmission. To learn more about the InnoEHR healthcare mobile app, check out the product description page at InnoStore.