Improve workflow with electronic work order, invoice, and dispatch forms

Dispatching Mobile AppsPaper forms are being widely used in business for various purposes ranging from work order to invoice and dispatch forms. Today, with the advent of computers and smart mobile devices, businesses need not use paper forms anymore. The entire world is awakening to the calls of environmentalists. Saving paper means saving trees for a greener world. If you are still using paper forms to conduct your business, it’s high time that you switch over to electronic forms. By opting for electronic forms you not only fulfill your social responsibility, but you also make your business processes easier and more accurate. This article is a comparative study on paper and electronic forms.

Downsides of paper forms

In order to have a clear idea of how electronic forms are superior to that of its paper counterparts, it is essential to know the downsides of paper forms and the merits of electronic forms. Typically paper forms create a bottleneck, hindering the speed of the process flow in businesses. The chances of being misplaced or getting damaged are much higher with paper forms. Storing a large number of forms requires large space and safe environment. Finding a particular order or invoice among the heaps is often a cumbersome process. Hand written data need to be legible and it may take a long time to write the details legibly. Since most of the businesses today have computerized their process flow, it would need a data entry operator to convert the hand written data into digital format.

Basics of electronic forms

Electronic forms work in the same way as that of paper form. You can literally find every one of the fields that are found in the paper forms. It is possible to type all the details of the work order and even get the signature of the customer. Electronic forms can be used for initiating, supporting and documenting any business process without hassles. The information entered in the electronic forms can be used at various stages of the business process until the final invoice is generated. First of all, electronic forms save much money involved in stationery; secondly it reduces labor and increases accuracy. Storage can never be a problem with electronic forms. You can store billions of form in a hard disk or in the cloud and access it whenever and where ever you want.

The role of mobile app in process automation

Electronic forms of yesteryears are still good to use. However, converting them into mobile applications will add value to them. As mentioned earlier, desktop computer applications offer only half of what a mobile form can do. The debut of touch screens and the high computing power of mobile devices make it possible for the user to quickly and efficiently utilize the forms for all purposes including the legal ones. An electronic form developed for mobile devices can be integrated to the existing system wirelessly with the help of internet connection. Field staff, such as marketing personnel and collection agents can quickly get the consent of customers and place orders instantly via mobile apps.

Mobile apps that transform the workplace

It would be clearer, if you are able to visualize the use of paper forms and that of electronic forms for a business process. Imagine writing the details on to a paper and then passing the work orders to the shop floor and finally storing it in shelves. It is indeed a time consuming and tedious process. Today, people look for instant answers and mobile apps, such as electronic dispatch forms enable things move much faster than the conventional paper forms or legacy systems. The form can be pushed through various stages of the business process to enable accurate service and correct billing.

Keeping the clients happy

Leave alone the processing speed or accuracy of the electronic forms, the highlight of the using mobile app forms is that you can keep your clients happy. After all, client satisfaction is the key to business growth. With electronic forms, it is possible to be transparent in all business operations. It is also possible to attend to the customer or address issues instantly. Now that customers can sign directly onto the electronic forms, getting instant approval and placing orders remotely is possible. Government bodies and legal system do accept electronic signature. However, with the traditional paper forms the drawbacks outnumber the benefits. With more and more people getting conscious about the environmental safety, going green will escalate the image of your business.

Security in electronic forms

Unlike paper forms that can easily be misplaced or damaged, or get buried under heaps, digital data remain forever. In view of protecting digital assets, innovators have come up with several security solutions ranging from firewall to antivirus and encryption tools. Mobile Device Management software can keep track of the data transfers or the activities of employees of an organization. It is possible to restrict access to confidential data and provide limited access to data for production process. There are tools that can encrypt data during transmission providing ultimate protection to the data.

Where to get electronic form mobile apps?

Mobile app developers can provide you with electronic forms according to your requirements. It isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Since mobile apps can be easily integrated with the existing software via middleware, any app developer with sound knowledge in the integration of mobile technologies with the legacy systems can help you out. We, at Innomobileapps, to develop electronic forms mobile apps for various purposes, if you are in need of mobile apps for your business processes, do contact us.