Google and Apple are at war again!

google glassGoogle GLΛSS
It is an open secret that Google and Apple, the two pillars of the mobile world, continue to struggle for dominance. The announcement of Google Glass, an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) by Google created a whirl wind in the mobile world. With expectations soaring up, the whole world of mobile lovers is eagerly waiting to grab the Google Glass. While Google is still working at Glass Development Kit (GDK) it has provided guidelines to mobile app developers on how to go about. The official statement from Google says that it is possible to develop fully functional apps for Goggle Glass using HTML5 and JavaScript. Already a few enthusiastic app developers have started creating innovative apps for the most hyped product of the century.

What you can do with Google glass

Just wear it! Google glass is whole new concept of mobility. A glimpse at the features of Google Glass is sure to excite you. For instance, just by saying take picture, you will be able to shoot photos of what you see. The device is also capable of recording or sharing what you see. All you have to do to send a message is speak it. Google glass can also display directions right in front of you. Just by wearing Google glass you can become a genius. The biblical statements “Ask and it shall be given; Seek and you shall find” are now becoming a virtual reality with Google glass. A lot is being discussed on the features and capabilities of Google glass by both developers and mobile users.

Apple to release iOS 7 to satiate its fans

Apple on the other hand has already announced the release date of iOS 7. Billions of idevice owners are waiting for the 18th of September. With iOS 7 already released for beta testing, Apple fans are excited to know the benevolent features of the latest operating system. Some of the design enhancements that make iOS 7 enjoyable include the more rounded icons and color scheme.

When it comes to control over the mobile device, you can with one swipe switch to airplane mode, control brightness or play/pause a song. Gesture control “press-and-hold” can switch on the torch for you or send an emergency message on your behalf. The multi-tasking feature gets even smarter with iOS 7. AirDrop is yet another feature that makes sharing easy. With the latest OS you can now resize your safari’s url field and also open unlimited tabs. The security feature has also been enhanced for a better safety and user experience. Siri, the most exciting personal assistant, has now been enhanced with male and female intonation.

As long as the competition between the giants has positive effects on the users, we can gladly call it a healthy competition.