Google announces a spec bump on Google Glass

Google announces a spec bump on Google GlassGoogle Glass has been a great hit right from day one of its release. Although a number of wearable devices existed even before the release of Google Glass, they weren’t as popular as the Google’s product. Google Glass can be crowned as the first wearable device that could work independent of mobile phones. The innovative attempt by Google was an overwhelming success and the demand for the wearable devices is increasing by the day. As soon as the internet giant announced the release date of Google Glass, it also provided the Android app developers with Software Development Kit (SDK) to encourage them develop innovative apps for the wearable device.

Although Google Glass has been quite popular, surveys show that users of wearable devices lose interest on the device due to lack of innovative applications and sluggish performance of the devices. Experts feel that improving the speed and encouraging Android app developers to come up with innovative ideas for wearable devices would help keep up the spirit. It seems Google has heeded to the recommendations of seers in the world of mobile technologies.

According to Android Police, Google is planning to upgrade Glass with photo viewfinder mode, more cards, with a slightly larger batteries, and 2 GB of RAM in order to improve the performance of the device. It is expected that the additional RAM will empower the device to run more apps at the background. It would also speed up the start and provide a better user experience. However, these upgrades will only be available on devices that are shipped from now on. Users of earlier versions of Google Glass will have to be content with what they have as Google has no plans of swapping old version one for new.

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