Every simple mobile app idea could open a plethora of new opportunities

Every-simple-mobile-app-idea-could-open-a-plethora-of-new-opportunities At Innomobileapps, our enterprise mobile app strategists are brimming with ideas. However, it is not possible to reveal any of them to our visitors. In fact, our app developers have reached a new watermark in enterprise mobile security and BYOD solutions. On the other hand, we would be glad to cite one of the recent app ideas that had gone viral as an example. The idea indeed made a whole lot difference in the parking area. The iOS app named Sweetch isn’t really making big physical changes, yet the idea behind it not only benefits people who are desperate to find a slot, but also benefits those who list their names before leaving the parking area. The best of all is the app avoids traffic build up in the busy areas where vehicles circle around to find a slot.

In principle, Sweetch matches drivers that looking for a slot in the parking area with drivers that are ready to leave the parking area. A simple fee of $5 mitigates the tiresome process of find a slot in the busy areas. In fact, the driver that pays the fee can receive 80% cash back if he/she helps a Sweetch buddy in the parking lot. One other silent beneficiary is the app development company. Although, the app is viewed as a great innovation that lessens the sufferings of commoners in the parking area, critics state that the app developer is leasing the public on spot parking lots.

Although we, at Innomobileapps, are law abiding citizens, we would just like to appreciate the innovative think of the developers that is on par with our colleagues. Since we deal with enterprises, often we have to contain our achievements and discoveries due to the business ethics we follow. If you are on the lookout for innovative android or iOS app developers to build your enterprise mobile application, check out the skills of our app developers.