Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015

Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015

Earlier, it was the mobile devices that revolutionalized the business world. Now it’s the turn of the adopters to accelerate mobility into business. The tech savvy adopters have set high standards in enterprise mobile adoption and practices with Forrester reporting 52% of all information workers using three or more devices for work purposes.

With that said, we think that 2015 will be an even bigger year for Enterprise Mobility. Here’s a list of Enterprise Mobility trends to watch for:

Enterprises will continue to find it hard to match up to the employees pace of mobile adoption.

Keeping up with the employees speed of adoption will continue to be a challenge for enterprises with BYOD expectations on the rise. The enterprise IT will continue to grapple to bridge the divide for some time. Enterprises will need to quickly find ways to cope with the high levels of enthusiasm employees show in adopting mobile technology into their work space. It’s time for IT departments to get proactive to see some real business transformations.

BYOD gets more manageable

Fear of data loss and other security hacks will result in formulating Master Data Management (MDM) practices with better supportive models and policies. Informal BYOD will eventually be replaced by a more managed approach to supporting employee-liable connections and devices. This will particularly apply for large businesses with highly sensitive data that need high-levels of security. Ovum predicts the year 2015 to be a year of growth for BYOD.

Enterprise Mobility Management gains ‘strategic’ importance

Ovum predicts that – “many companies will treat enterprise mobility management (EMM) as part of a wider ‘workspace’ strategy, with the goal of enabling employees to get their work done anytime, anywhere, and on any device”. Enterprises will no longer treat mobile as ‘another add-on’; rather, they will increasingly incorporate management of all mobile devices and data as a effective workplace strategy. This will enable employees to have better and effective access to data and tools irrespective of the device, location and time.

Senior execs to provide more thrust to the deployment of enterprise mobility

The senior execs are expected to influence mobile deployments at great levels. Just like PCs did, mobiles also found favorable adoption that is going to only increase. Ovum reveals there will greater proliferation of mobile in the workplace with formal adoption and deployment strategies being formulated by the decision makers.

Expect more orders from the SMBs

It is expected that 2015 will be a year of mobile centricity for the SMBs. As said by Ovum, it is predicted that there could be a ‘long-tail of demand for mobile devices and services from the SMBs. Though this may, on the surface seem encouraging, is also a challenge owing to the nature of SMBs exercising extreme caution with regards to IT services.

Mounting pressure from employees and the benefits being key drivers, EMM in 2015 doesn’t have a choice but to grow at an accelerating speed. With increased adoption, streamlined policies, partnerships, acquisitions, BYOD and CYOD gaining clear demarcations and much more happening around the enterprise mobility space, it is definitely going to be a year of some interesting events and growth.

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