The difference between consumer apps and enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise Mobile AppsIt has been quite some time since the debut of smart mobile devices and mobile applications. Today, almost everyone on the planet knows what mobile apps are, thanks to popular applications, such as angry birds, facebook, & whatsapp. The real purpose of mobile apps is to help people complete tasks quickly, accurately, and more efficiently. In fact, most of the current app users are after pleasure. Indeed, the pleasure of using apps is what makes them go viral, yet the focus should be on the elimination of ordeals and simplification of processes. App developers are constantly educating the masses on the benevolence of mobile applications, and sooner or later, both consumers and business people would start making use of mobile applications to achieve higher goals. Currently, consumer-centric apps are more popular than industrial apps.

Not many know that the mobile applications can be used to simplify business processes or increase productivity. Since such B2B applications are not commonly found in the app stores, even many of the business owners are ignorant of the benevolence of the Enterprise mobile applications. Clear understanding of consumer apps and enterprise mobile apps will help business owners to utilize mobile applications for the betterment of the business. Consumer apps are those that are available in the app stores. Android and iOS mobile applications listed under various categories, such as health, entertainment, finance, games, music, news, and travel, among others help the consumers in their day to day tasks. Although a few enterprise mobile applications are distributed through app stores, usually businesses are interested in acquiring their own mobile applications.

Both consumer centric mobile apps and enterprise mobile apps can be developed to run on any of the mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry among others. Consumer mobile apps often fulfill the needs of the common man. Consumer apps often have emotional designs and are designed to attract consumers. B2B mobile apps, on the other hand, are aimed at providing better collaboration, increasing the productivity, aid in the marketing of products, and services offered by businesses. Unlike the emotional design of the consumer apps, enterprise mobile apps are more utilitarian and focus on simplification of business processes.

Generic functions and data would suffice in developing consumer centric apps. Enterprise mobile apps are developed for individual businesses and are expected to fulfill the specific needs of the individual businesses. Consumer-centric apps can be either a standalone app or integrated to a backend. However, industrial apps only serve as a mobile interface for an already existing system. Enterprise mobile app developers have a sound knowledge in creating the entire Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) to deploy the app in a business environment. They are also adept in backend integration with legacy systems using middleware available in the market.

Developing consumer mobile apps may cost a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Enterprise mobile apps are certainly much costlier than consumer mobile apps. Security is not so important for consumer centric apps, unless the target is elite group or the app deals with finance. Enterprise level apps, on the other hand, are provided with utmost security features, such as user name / password, encryption/decryption and MDM software to protect the confidential company data from leakage.

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