Contemporary enterprise mobile trends to follow

Webinar on healthcare mobile appsEver since the debut of smart mobile devices, the way we do business has considerably changed. Today, mobile apps are not used for entertainment or organizing day to day tasks, but they are now being seriously involved in manufacturing, CRM, and marketing purposes. The very purpose of developing enterprise mobile apps for a business is to enhance productivity and cut costs. Introducing new concepts that could enhance the efficiency of the app has become the trend of the day. The following are some of the contemporary trends that have the ability to increase the efficiency of enterprise mobile apps.

Context awareness is one of the prevailing trends in the enterprise mobile app development arena. According to researches, content awareness has helped businesses grow in a big way. The right technique to market your products is delivering the message to the right person at the right time in the right location. This technique of marketing has enabled business to increase sales in multi-folds. One other growing trend in the enterprise mobile arena is the liking for less expensive mobile devices. Today’s lean production methods and technologies have enabled mobile device manufacturers to roll out cheap mobile devices that have good computational power.

The mobile devices that were once very costly have become very affordable. Companies that are planning to implement BYOD should consider the current trends and opt for solutions that could make it convenient for the employees. Instead of opting for iOS enterprise mobile apps, developing android mobile apps could make it convenient for the employees. Since the employees are increasingly becoming price-sensitive and the devices are getting affordable, it is important to choose the right platform when it comes to implementation of BYOD.

Mobile security continues to be a trend in enterprise mobile apps. With increasing malware and hackers, mobile security cannot be slighted. Since employees use their mobile devices to access their personal mails, banking, shopping, and browsing, enterprise should be very cautious in applying the latest security measures to prevent unexpected loss of confidential company data. As the latest mobile devices have a number of features, enterprise mobile app development is getting costlier by the day. The app developer needs to make full use of the hardware features in order to make the app more efficient during the production.

At Innomobileapps, our enterprise mobile app developers are vigilant to the latest mobile trends and are quick enough to implement them to the advantage of our clients. While both iOS and android are apt mobile platforms for developing enterprise level mobile apps, you need to choose one depending on the needs of your business. Our mobile app consultants will perform a thorough analysis of your business and suggest you the best solutions to grow your business. Do not hesitate to contact our enterprise mobile app developers for your needs.