Which is better BYOD or CYOD?

byod vs cyodIf you are overwhelmed by the number of new terms evolving in the mobile market, do not be stirred. It is worthwhile to have a glance at the upcoming strategies and analyze them in order to reap the benefits. Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) is the latest term coined by Aaron Goldberg, a popular industry and marketing strategy analyst. At the first glance, it might seem to be a little funny; however, diving deep into his thoughts reveals that CYOD is a promising enterprise strategy that could benefit corporate companies immensely. A comparative study of BYOD and CYOD will throw light on the benefits of both mobile strategies.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a well-known concept in the enterprise mobile app world. In BYOD employees indeed determine the mobile device of their choice, but there are several factors that limit them. For instance, the employee may find an iDevice more comfortable than an android device but his financial status compels him to buy the android device. In this case, the device will certainly have an impact on the performance of the employee.

Start up firms today greatly benefit by implementing BYOD. However, BYOD is not without downsides. There are number of issues that are yet to be solved in BYOD. In spite of stringent BYOD policies of companies, there are companies that still face a lot of legal issues. Although the positives of BYOD far outweigh the negatives, corporate companies are on the lookout for an alternative that could enable them enjoy all the benefits of BYOD and yet ward off the negatives.

CYOD on the other hand lets employees to choose their own devices they are comfortable with. Corporate companies that shy away from BYOD to save their corporate image now has the opportunity to provide all the comfort of BYOD by implementing CYOD. There are a variety of devices in the market that make employees feel comfortable. For instance, the latest tablet cum laptop is handy when it comes to working at the office or on the move. Recently Apple and Google have unanimously agreed for the need of giant mobile devices. Implementing CYOD will not only escalate the image of corporate companies, but it can also keep the employees comfortable.