Apple iOS 8 – Loaded with Enterprise Enhancements- Part 1

AppleiOS8Loaded-with-Enterprise-Enhancements Here’s the first part of a two-part series listing the key enterprise specific features of iOS 8 that targets a more corporate friendly approach.

We start with briefing the security features as it has been a continuous challenge to any business.

Message-specific encryption: The iOS 8 allows the user to encrypt their individual email messages with added protection using S/MIME only at places carrying sensitive content. The user is given the control, enabling or disabling by simply checking on the Compose Message screen.

Additional protection post-reboots: An additional layer of passcode lock is given after a reboot. This means one cannot access mail, calendar, 3rd party apps, contacts, reminders, messages and all other user credentials until you unlock your device.

More control to IT administrator: Provides additional tools for deploying, managing and removing books, PDFs and other documents. New controls over files download from corporate domains using iOS Safari browser and documents stored in iCloud. Admins can restrict the methods that can be used to open files. Also IT can set device names remotely, control and stop users from enabling their own restrictions and block the device wipe feature.

A new feature namely back-up monitoring enables insights into the ‘last time’ users backed up their data. The users can view the IT policies applied on their devices.

Wi-Fi Calling supported: Though Wi-Fi calling is not new to iOS8, Apple devices haven’t supported it earlier. But now, Apple will start supporting, that would benefit enterprises to reduce or even eliminate wireless calling fees. Making the most out of it are the frequent international travelers, as they could make calls from a Wi-Fi room without incurring roaming charges or hefty bills or bad signals.

Mail App: This is probably a feature where a number of enhancements have been made. Users can now easily mark messages as read/unread or flag them for follow-up using swipe gestures. The VIP Threads feature allows marking conversations as ‘urgent’ and receiving specific notifications. Also, with VIP Threads mailbox, one could view the most important conversations without browsing through other messages. External email addresses can be differentiated in red. Add reservations and contact details to the calendar with just a tap. The exchange users can manage out-of-office settings using iOS.

More enterprise features to follow in the concluding second part.