Apple does it again – gains over Android

The holiday season has been a lucky one for the folks at Apple. The good news started with Apple selling a record number of iPhone 6 that way outnumbered its earlier models. On top of that, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported that the Q4 2014 U.S sales numbers of iPhones accounted for 47.7% against a 47.6% of Android. Though this may seem insignificant at the surface, it definitely is a big deal for Apple.

It is hard to dismiss this as a seasonal event, as Apple also managed to lead the customer loyalty average at 87% across the big markets of US and Europe. Android customer loyalty levels stands at 62%. This means there is a lot more work cut out for Android clan.

Kantar reported iPhone 6 to be the best selling smartphone (in the US) during the holiday season (also seen as a popular gifting option) followed by Samsung Galaxy S5.

Apple is steadily making in-roads in the Europe market, as well. In fact, Android’s EU shares fell 3.8% (now at 66.1%). In contrast, Apple’s value grew by 6.2% due to a 13.1% increase in sales; the Android’s sales went down by 7.5%.

This major push could be attributed to the smart selling strategies Apple employed.

Firstly, Apple now boasts of a stronger than before array of devices at different price ranges, offering nowboth contract and pre-pay options.Secondly, the larger screens could also be one of the factors that gave a stiff competition to the Android models.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reports that, in the fourth quarter, Google and Apple mobile OS’s have captured 95% of mobile phone activations in the US. Apple enjoys the top spot with 50% activations owing to the iPhone 6 models. The Android was at 45% followed, by Windows Phone at 3%.

However, it is not all roses for Apple. Android still stands tall in the global market arena with a huge 82% as reported by IDC; while iOS stands at 14% of the market share.

Apple does it again - gains over Android

With Android having a number of products and mobile offerings, Apple’s success is majorly due to the iPhone 6 only. This is a major risk factor, as Apple is counting on one device to drive sales. Android, on the other hand, has a diverse offering of devices that have proven profitable.

It is going to be interesting game to watch!

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