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  • Innomobileapps unveils the new enterprise app store – Innostore

    The concept of App Store was first initiated by Apple in the year 2008. Since then, the use of mobile apps has increased in multi-folds. Today, there are a number of app stores from various mobile operators. There are also third party app stores that provide an opportunity for mobile app developers to publish their apps and generate some revenue. […]
  • The difference between consumer apps and enterprise mobile apps

    It has been quite some time since the debut of smart mobile devices and mobile applications. Today, almost everyone on the planet knows what mobile apps are, thanks to popular applications, such as angry birds, facebook, & whatsapp. The real purpose of mobile apps is to help people complete tasks quickly, accurately, and more efficiently. In fact, most of the […]
  • Why should you be cautious while choosing enterprise mobility services

    Today, every business is trying to acquire mobility and in the frenzy, they hastily choose mobile app developers to build their mobile applications. Although the number of mobile application development companies has greatly increased, many of the app developers focus only on the consumer-centric and stand alone mobile apps. It is easy to generate ideas for consumer-centric mobile applications. However, […]
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Logistics

    Today, people of all classes have started using smart mobile phones, thanks to the lean production technology. In fact, smart mobile phones have become essential for day to day life. Most of the smart mobile phone users simply can’t do without it. It has been customary for businesses to make use of contemporary trends to their benefits. Mobile technology is […]