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  • Predictions of BYOD 2014

    Last year, many companies experimented with bring your own device, or BYOD, policies. While employees enjoyed being able to use their own phones and BYOD has been relatively successful, technological developments will ensure the success of BYOD in 2014. Some emerging technologies can help companies implement BYOD in 2014 with fewer hassles than previous years created. One technology that can […]
  • Over fifty percent of the companies will adopt BYOD in 2017

    Gartner predicts that over fifty percent of companies will adopt BYOD by 2017. A glance at the BYOD trends for 2014 reveals that BYOD will be gaining traction in spite of all odds. If the predictions come true, most of the companies will stop providing their employees with computing devices. BYOD according to IT experts improves employee satisfaction and at […]
  • Is the newly fangled MDM software the BYOD killer

    BYOD has been very popular among businesses as well as the employees for its benevolence. While the companies enjoyed increased productivity, reduced expenses, and complete control over its workforce, the employees enjoyed their freedom at work and the convenience of using their personal devices to accomplish official tasks. For the past two years, BYOD experienced immense growth, especially, among the […]