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Automotive Mobility

Uses of mobile enterprise solutions in the automotive industry are numerous. Although it is easy to create a workflow that could fall in line with individual automobile businesses, to develop the ideas into fully functional android automobile apps is quite a hard task. Apart from the design, there are several areas, such as security and distribution that need to be addressed during the development of the android automobile apps.

We, at Innomobileapps, have all the expertise and resources to make every functionality you could dream of into reality. Just imagine android mobile apps that could aid your field workers to update information in real-time, or apps that could eliminate paper forms and help reduce your carbon footprint, or simply provide you with access to centralized data.

Some of the innovative enterprise level automotive mobility solutions developed by Innoppl include ACT – a field force automation automobile app and Mighty Auto – an automobile app that eliminates paperwork in garages. Other notable automotive mobility apps from us include Speed alert apps that alert vehicle owners on over speeding and apps that calculate the distance traveled using GPS.

We not only can create innovative android automotive apps according to the latest automotive market standards, but also can customize the mobile apps according to the specific needs of your company. If you are planning to create or customize android automotive apps for your automotive company, we can deliver exactly what you need. We are capable of creating a web portal from the scratch as well as seamlessly integrating the mobile UI to an existing web backend system of yours.

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ACT (auto claim)

ACT (auto claim) is an app specially designed for field workers of ACT auto claim Technology, an automotive shop. It is a mobile interface for real time updates on…

Mighty Auto

Mighty Auto is a custom mobile app that quickens the process of information collection of the vehicles checking in for repairs and eliminates paper work involved in it.


Traventures is the app to go, if you are in need of ideas for adventure travel. Find virtual brochures with information on discounts travel plans and adventure tours.

Occasion en Or

Occasion en or is the mobile app to go for, if you are looking to buy used vehicles. With over 20,000 vehicles online, the app helps you find your preferred vehicle.

Tap your Taxi

Tap Your Taxi app is the easiest and quickest way of finding your taxi ride to the place of your choice. With Tap Your Taxi, find a taxi without calling a cab company.

ACT (auto claim)

ACT is a custom mobile app designed to eliminate paper work, avoid redundancy, and access a centralized database.

Mighty Auto

Innomobileapps created Mighty Auto, an enterprise mobile app, for field staff to be compatible with ipad and android tables.