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ACT (auto claim)

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ACT enterprise mobile app for ipad is designed to the specific needs of Auto Claim Technology, an automotive shop, which assists insurance companies, contractors, and dealers in paintless dent repair and paint overspray removal. The ipad app is designed to streamline the processes involved and client servicing by implementing a mobile solution for field workers. As soon as a vehicle arrives, the employee can fill in the details of the customer and the vehicle in the fields provided. The app also enables the employee to take instant photos of the vehicle and also scan the VIN sticker to get required details instantly. There is a text field where the employee can write the comments if the need arises. Finally the employee can submit the inspection report after providing the date and signature in the specified fields. The management can retrieve the data from the web backend in the PDF form and use the details for assessing work required and billing.

Special features of ACT mobile enterprise app

  • Enables the field workers to digitally record the required information
  • Avoids paper work and thus minimizes manual errors
  • Enables to monitor data, generate reports, and create invoices instantly Stores all the information in a centralized database to be retrieved as and when needed


Our Case Study in this App

ACT (auto claim)ACT (auto claim)

ACT is a custom mobile app designed to eliminate paper work, avoid redundancy, and access a centralized database.